Double Trouble: Hanley and JD Martinez can be Something Special

Baseball Season is Here!

The time of year when everybody’s team can win the World Series. However, not a lot of people care because the NBA and NHL are playing playoff games.  WELL I CARE!

This Red Sox team definitely won’t win the World Series…sorry Sox fans but the Astros are way too good. However, they can be one of the top teams in the league. It all depends on how this lineup can produce more than last season.

This team won 93 games last season and it looked like they didn’t even try some games. Replace Farrell with Alex Cora (ABOUT TIME #FIREFARRELL WORKED), and add J.D. Martinez. You’ll also have a full season of a healthy David Price, Carson Smith and Tyler Thornburg (I’m still praying on this one). This team is relatively the same. This means that the guys in the lineup need to produce consistently in big spots.

My guy, Xander Bogaerts needs to hit at a better clip. Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi need to anchor the top of this lineup. This gives the middle guys plenty of chances to drive in runs.

One man in particular, Hanley Ramirez, needs to be better; He needs to look like he did in 2016.



2016 Is The Example

Why 2016? That year, Hanley hit 30 dingers along with 111 RBI, all under a cool .286 avg. Guy had a year. Plain and simple. Why? He had David Ortiz in the lineup. He had protection.

This year, Dombrowski found him help. There are multiple benefits to bringing in J.D. Martinez. From the solid average, to the power that everyone won’t stop talking about. Martinez is going to be stellar at Fenway and probably come close to 40 homers himself this season. In my eyes, you finally have that guy a pitcher simply doesn’t want to face in the lineup.

How does that affect Hanley? He has protection again.

I’m NOT saying Martinez is Ortiz by any means. So, don’t read it as so. However, Alex Cora hitting Hanley third and Martinez fourth is a great starting point. Hanley will see more hittable pitches this year. If not, then Martinez is waiting in the wind waiting to pounce. I won’t say it’ll be the most feared 1-2 punch in baseball, but it could be lethal!

Hanley and Martinez will both hit 30 homers this summer. Mark it down.

Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

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