Don’t Look Now, But The Red Sox Are Getting HOT

I know we all were complaining about the Red Sox start of the season. If you want to hear two slightly over-obsessed Red Sox fans talk about their horrendous start of the season, then that’s an easy fix. Go listen to any of the Into The Triangle podcast episodes we’ve put out so far.

Don’t look now, but the Boston Red Sox are getting HOT. Yes, I will repeat that for you all one more time. The. Boston. Red. Sox. Are. Getting. HOT!

Their Overall Game Has Been Much Better

This tells you basically everything you need to know. 3 series wins in a row, their hitting is picking up, their starting pitching is getting some consistency, etc. They are back to .500, which isn’t a big deal with this Red Sox team. But if they continue to play this way, they will be catching up with the Yankees and Rays in the A.L. East before you can say Carl Yastrzemski.

Chris Sale Seems To Have Turned A Corner

That last sentence makes me feel a little bit better. Chris Sale is starting to look like the guy that earned his extension right before the start of the season. 1.61 K’s per inning and a sub-2.00 ERA will get the fans back on your side. He was having a bad month and it happens to a lot of pitchers. But April is over, May is here, and Chris Sale looks like the old, dominant version of himself.

The Offense Is Coming Around

The offense is starting to take off. Like the notes say, they are leading in runs and OBP in the month of May. The power is starting to show up and that is bad news for anybody not playing on the Boston Red Sox.

In Conclusion

Don’t let the Sox get hot! Oh wait, they’re already getting hot. In all seriousness, it is nice to see the Red Sox starting to show up for their games in May as opposed to sleepwalking through all of them in April. Once David Price gets back, the starting rotation will be all set and hopefully the offense continues to produce. Oh and if you like defense in baseball like I do, here you go.

We could get used to seeing this consistently. If only JBJ could swing it as well as he makes outstanding outfield catches. But, that’s a story for another day.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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