Does Rob Manfred Hate Baseball?

Yesterday, it was announced that the MLB included a provision to limit the number of minor league players a team can have. The MLBPA is expected to reject this proposal (see this article for more information on the provision’s impact). Given the negotiations so far, I’m afraid we might not have major league baseball this season. Making it convincing that commissioner Rob Manfred hates baseball.

Rob Manfred’s History

Manfred’s ineptitude as commissioner of the MLB is concerning, however, there’s has been ongoing issues for a while. I’ve written (probably too many) articles in the past criticizing Manfred’s stances but let’s just hit some highlights.

First, MLB fans have been complaining for years about MLBTV blackout restrictions. While I understand the restrictions to elevate local broadcasts, some restrictions don’t even make sense, like Iowa not being able to watch games for four different teams. Further, the MLB has done an awful job at marketing the game’s best players. And don’t even get me started on the MLB’s weird and at times inconsistent enforcement of suspensions for players expressing themselves. Ultimately, those decisions fall on Manfred.

The Negotiations

When Manfred spoke to the media last week, his comments incensed both fans and players. In particular, when asked about how slow negotiations have gone and the amount of time between meetings, Manfred responded “Phones work both ways.” Considering it was the owners that locked out the players, such a statement is laughable. Plus, all accounts say the MLB’s proposals have not exactly given much to the players and seek to retain power for the owners, such as the minor league limits. All this while saying he believes “we will have an agreement in time to play our regular season schedule.”

With all of this evidence within our reach, I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to say that Rob Manfred is more concerned with making the owners more money than he is about the actual game of baseball. Relatively speaking, Manfred hates baseball.

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