Disney+ Hits Home Run With Hit Series

If you’ve been under a rock for the past year then you wouldn’t know about Disney+ and what the Mouse House has cooked up. Besides being the leader in everything kids with cartoons, movies, and toys galore they also have their hand in Marvel and of course Star Wars. And how do they kick things off? With a new series based right in the Star Wars universe! Yes I’m talking about The Mandalorian!  Now, lets get you out from under that rock, shall we?

It All Began Last Year..

The Mandalorian with The Child (Name is announced in season 2)

In November 2019 Disney launched it’s new streaming service Disney+. The idea of this new service was to bring all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars under one roof for everyone to enjoy. Yeah, I know what you are going to say, “All those movies and shows we have seen many times. What about something new?” Well Disney thought of just that. With the new service coming to life, so did a new show: The Mandalorian. With this new show, it tells the story of a bounty hunter looking to finding purpose within the galaxy.

Season 1 was full of Star Wars references and easter eggs that made the show stand out. It caught the attention of Star Wars fans and introduced a galaxy to new ones. Including the introduction of a new character “The Child” or as fans would soon call him “Baby Yoda”.

Season 1 did not disappoint as it was renewed for a second season, which aired October 30th of 2020. With the quick turn around within the show and fans wanting more, Disney+ and director Jon Favreau didn’t hold back. And yes I’m talking about THAT Jon Favreau. Directed Iron Man, starred with Vince Vaughn in Swingers, and was Linebacker Danny Bateman in The Replacements. Yeah, thank him for a new edge of life into the Star Wars universe. Even now, it doesn’t disappoint.

This Season Pulls no Punch!

Yes, it’s as good as that frog! well, to him anyway!

Season 2 came out the door flying. With the Mandalorian now taking “Baby Yoda” along with him, and after events with Moff Gideon at the end of season 1, there’s no turning back. This Season has it’s fill of new characters and also old ones that everyone will enjoy. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan like myself and have watched the cartoons Star Wars: Rebels and The Clone Wars. Characters will be brought over from those shows and either have a mention, or even be brought to life!

With the Season Finale airing this past Friday, it’s safe to say that as a fan of the old trilogy you are left in absolute shock. The Mandalorian went to a place one never thought possible and was able to hold everything back without spoilers or anything til the episode aired. I’m not ruining anything for anyone, however i will tell you if you haven’t taken time to watch this show, you are missing out!

Toph’s Final Word

Yes, that is Boba Fett’s Helmet! Watch Season 2 to find out more!

So yeah, i’m a Star Wars Fan. Been one since I was a kid, and enjoy the great stories based around the characters.  However the Mandalorian goes a different path. Keeping in true to the original 3 movies, and bringing the universe all together. Yeah it’s based after Return of the Jedi, yet it still delivers shock after shock. With the season finale finally out there, it made for jaws to drop and every bit of shock and awe worth it. I’d personally like to thank Jon Favreau, and team that made this season what it is, and can’t wait for season 3, along with it’s new shows that will branch off from it.

I have spoken.




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