Did This Kid Just Give the Most Electric Pregame Speech of All-Time?

Everybody remembers the speech given by Coach Brooks. One of the greatest monologues ever given. It was passionate, firey, and made you believe that you could go skydiving without a parachute and live. Bounce like a superball off of the ground and walk away without a bruise. Some real badass type of stuff we’re talking about.

But can we be honest? This kid might be battling Brooks for his spot on top of the mountain.

My GOD. Look, I’m not going to sit here and say that this speech made me want to run through a wall. That phrase might be the most overused thing on the internet right next to sports Twitter accounts sending out the eyes emoji anytime any NBA player breathes. Or ESPN posting a video of Patrick Mahomes walking three steps forward.

But this kid dropping a hammer of a speech on his team pregame might have given these kids enough adrenaline to beat the Miami Dolphins. Could they beat the Dolphins without it? Yeah, probably. For those of you who don’t know, the Dolphins STINK at football. Only cold hard facts.

I mean, Jesus. He brought travel into this thing. Talking about coming up to New England just to beat that sorry group of kids on the other team in the snow in another geographic location. I don’t know if he’s figured this out, but we haven’t had a wild snow game up here in a while. Keep these speeches away from Global Warming though or that thing will get jacked up enough to wipe us out within the next year.

I don’t know the results of this game. But if they lost, everyone on the roster there needs to give up the sport now. Tackle football has taken a massive hit with these new CTE discoveries anyway so they can’t afford that kind of a drop off in numbers. There is no way you leave this game with a loss.

I want to do something big after hearing it. I don’t know, maybe mess around and win a hot dog eating contest. Maybe enter the July 4th competition in 2020. We’ll see.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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