Did the Celtics turn over a new leaf?

The Boston Celtics took advantage of their opportunity last night and collected a win against a very bad Houston Rockets team. What was good about this win was that guard, Evan Fournier, newest addition to the team, and center, Robert Williams, showed out. Fournier finished with 23 points, hitting 7 out of his 11 three pointers. Williams had 20 points, going a perfect 9/9 and almost got his first career triple-double. This was Boston basketball, everyone was having fun and things seemed to be looking up. Not so fast though.

The Celtics are still a game under .500. Time and time again, this team has shown inconsistencies. One more moment, everyone hops on the Celtic train and sees them competing for a championship. The next moment, the team is terrible and everyone questions whether or not, we should get rid of Coach Brad Stevens. It has been like this all season long.

Final Thoughts

So, yes, last night was encouraging but so has the many other times this team has done this to us. I remember before the all-star break, this team was really struggling and we had a good stretch of home games that needed to be played. The Celtics went out and won 4 straight going into the break. Everyone was on board and ready for the C’s to start getting into a groove. Wrong. The Celtics came out of the all-star break losing 4 of their first 5 games.

So, hold the breaks, we’ll see how this team does on Easter Sunday to determine more of what this team is made of.

-Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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