Did The Celtics Get Hosed Last Night Against The Lakers?

The Celtics and Lakers played one of the best regular season games of the NBA season thus far. The Lakers came away with a 114-112 victory. But, did the Lakers REALLY deserve to win this game? Or, could the Celtics possibly have gotten hosed from sweeping the season series against their historic rivals? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out the answer.

The Free Throw Out of Bounds Call

So LeBron James misses a chance to tie the game at 110 and the ball goes out of bounds. It takes forever to conclude that it’s Lakers ball. News flash NBA, THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE CELTICS BALL!! Look at the picture right here, which gives you the best angle. Anthony Davis CLEARLY touches the ball last. If that call is reversed, the Celtics get the ball up one with less than a minute to play. Instead, it turns into LeBron hitting his trademark backdown fadeaway over Jaylen Brown to put the Lakers back up one. Imagine if the Celtics went down and scored and the Lakers had to force a three to send it to OT? Yeah, I would have loved the Celtics chances at that point.

The Jaylen Brown Phantom Out of Bounds Play

I mean, what is up with Boston sports and phantom out of bounds calls lately? This is extremely bad. Brown’s right foot is a good two feet from the out of bounds line. The ref just had a quick whistle and made a horrific call. Refs gonna ref, I guess? Wow, is that bad looking at it another time!

The Gordon Hayward Missed Lay-Up

This wasn’t the Celtics getting hosed. This was just a case of bad basketball IQ. You get two stops in a row and you’re up two with the ball, with less than a minute left. Why not slow the clock down and give the ball to Tatum to try to get up two possessions with about 30 seconds left? Instead, you try to go coast to coast in seven seconds and give the ball back to the Lakers? Not a fan of that decision at all, Gordon! You can’t give up valuable possessions to the Lakers. Hayward has to be smarter than that.

In Conclusion

The Celtics made their fair share of mistakes. Turnovers, missed lay-ups and free throws didn’t help their cause. But, being in L.A. didn’t help the cause either. At the end of the day, a loss on the road by two to the Lakers without Kemba is a win in itself. This Lakers team does not want to play the Celtics in a seven game series. Anybody that says this Celtics team isn’t legit hasn’t been watching this team. But holy smokes, let’s get some better officiating NBA! Maybe? Please?

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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