Deshaun Watson: King of the Post Game Press Conference

Living in Boston, we don’t normally get much of anything from post game press conferences. It’s the Belichick effect really. He has the most tight lip media availability in all of professional sports and as time has gone by, the coaches of the other Boston sports teams have seemed to follow suite to an extent. While Cora, Cassidy and Stevens are by no means as stingy with information as their counterpart in Foxboro, they have all become good at keeping the attention only on what they want to discuss.

Now I’m not going to be one of those people that complain about these press conferences. After all, I’ve been watching Belichick press conferences for that vast majority of my life. I get why he’s so tight lipped. Besides, at the end of the day it matters more that he’s still coaching a winning football team than what he’s saying. It would just be nice sometime to get some sort of entertainment value out of a press conference that other fan bases do.

That’s why watching Deshaun Watson’s press conferences have become so much fun to watch.

In yesterday’s win over the Atlanta Falcons, the Texans quarterback got to the podium for his post game media availability and began to give a break down of the game. Now considering the numbers Watson put up, there was a lot for him to talk about. The QB went 28 for 33 on the day with 426 passing yards, 5 touchdowns and no turnovers, giving the Texans a 53-32 victory.

For most people, that’s a career game. It’s also every Watson fantasy owner’s dream day. But for a lot of people, that wasn’t necessarily the best thing that Watson did this Sunday. When asked about what he saw in the Falcon’s defense that made him so successful that day, Deshaun Watson began to dissect the entire Atlanta defense. And I do mean entire. Take a look in the video bellow.

In the course of less than 90 seconds, Watson explained all of the looks he had of the defense and every form of coverage they had against the Falcons. And he did it in a way that made sense to media and fans a like that may not necessarily be well versed in defensive coverage could understand. He didn’t talk down to them; he didn’t insult their intelligence by giving them a basic answer.

It was honestly very entertaining to watch him talk about something he clearly was very knowledgeable in and it was a way better explanation as to how they won the game than a usual answer like ‘we just got a bunch of good looks’. As this is the second week in a row that Watson has given break downs like this, it is something that we should all be expecting to see again going forward. And I for one can’t wait to hear Watson explain how these defenses are no match for him.

~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Young)


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