Deal or No Deal? Trump Maybe Making Deals with the Democrats

I know I’m always that guy preaching for bipartisan cooperation (It annoys me too). It seemed like a hopeless plea, but the last few weeks have surprised me. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, President Trump and Democratic leaders, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), were able to strike a deal that made funds available for relief efforts in Texas and Florida. Bundled into this deal was an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and keep the government running through December of this year.

Sounds like a fair deal. We all knew that the master negotiator and “Art of the Deal” author, Donald Trump, could save the country with his powers. He saved Texas, defeated the hurricane, and sent billions of dollars to make Texas great again. This time, it worked out; each party is content with the outcome. Well, actually not both parties…

Immediately following the news of the deal, Republicans weren’t happy. How is it possible to work together? There’s no way to be happy if the other side doesn’t lose! Those were the cries heard from the right after they were betrayed by the president they elected. Lessons need to be learned on collaboration and cooperation in Congress. Republicans should take note of how Trump was able to work with Democrats to make a deal. Well, just September 6th Donald Trump, not today’s Donald Trump. Because, yeah…

After his announcement to end the DACA program, news broke that, again, Trump and Democratic leaders were able to work together. Following a dinner on September 13th, Schumer and Pelosi announced that both sides were able to make a deal that extended the DACA program. It was a sign of change, a push in the right direction. Then Donald Trump woke up and got on Twitter. During an early morning tweet storm, Trump vehemently denied an agreement the previous night.

Conflicting statements were issued by the White House and Democratic leaders, thus crushing our hopes and dreams (and the futures of 800,000 immigrant children). The hold up, of course, was that stupid border wall. I presume that Trump was very cooperative that night and agreed with the Democrats. He has a tendency to say whatever he needs to make himself look better, make people like him, and make the person he’s talking to happy. Sure, that might get him in some trouble, but it also fools a lot of people (y’know, like fooling people into voting for him).

There has yet to be a solid agreement between the White House and any members of Congress. Trump has repeatedly said that without concessions for increased border security and funding for the wall, there will be no deal on DACA. It seems that the pressure of obstruction from Republican caught up with Trump. Of the president’s dismal approval ratings, they are entirely Republicans. Without their support, Trump will have nothing. Donald Trump is continuing to play to his fan base, regardless of the costs or consequences.

Written By: CJ Wilcox (@CJWilcox7)

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