David Price Exorcised His Yankees Demons Last Night

Yankees fans must have been licking their chops before the game last night. They had beaten the Red Sox in two straight games and were facing David Price. Also keep in mind, they were at home and on Sunday Night Baseball. With his given past, it was easy to assume that Price would have another terrible start and give the Yankees an easy sweep. Not so fast! It appeared as though David Price exorcised his demons at Yankee Stadium last night.

His Changeup Has Been Great This Year

It should come as no surprise that David Price is back to being how he was in his earlier years. A lot of it has come with the development of his changeup.

The changeup is one of the best pitches in baseball when thrown correctly. Especially when Price has his fastball and cutter working as well, the changeup is a great third pitch for him to have. It looked as though it was working well last night against the Yankees lineup.

There Was A Lot Of Offensive Support

The Red Sox put up 8 runs last night. It was nice to see the offense show up on the road.

As you can see, J.D. Martinez and Xander Bogaerts both went deep last night. Eduardo Nunez actually did something good for the Red Sox! Brock Holt, Michael Chavis, and Rafael Devers also contributed to the cause which always helps a pitcher. It helped that the offense helped David Price out because if it was similar to the first two games, two runs might have led to a no decision or maybe even a loss.

In Conclusion

It was extremely satisfying to see David Price shut down the Yankees. With his postseason start in game two of the 2018 ALDS along with his overall past with the Yankees, it was hard to trust him before first pitch. But he stepped up, helped the Red Sox avoid a sweep, and made a case for him being the ace of this Red Sox team in 2019. Remember folks, David Price is GOOD!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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