Danny Amendola Reportedly Will Sign With The Miami Dolphins


WOW. What a huge kick in the dick to the Patriots. The best receiver that we had last year in the playoffs is staying the AFC East, but he’s not staying with the Pats. He was a huge part of our success last year with the absence of Julian Edelman. He made big plays in the playoffs, when we needed them most.


I wanted to hope that Amendola would take a friendly contract again for us, but I don’t blame him. At the time of this writing there are no details on how much he’s getting paid, but I would assume he’s getting paid handsomely. He’s 32 years old, and takes quite a few hits every single game, especially big ones. He’s never shied away from contact and will do whatever it takes to get those extra yards. His body has most certainly taken a beating and he’s gotta be able to cash out at some point, and after this postseason he had this was the best time to do it.


I wish Amendola the best of luck, I really do, but I don’t think he’s going to have much of an impact on the Dolphins. they’ve been cleaning house lately to get some fresh people into the team and organization, which is great, but that will leave plenty of question marks for their season. Do we even know what Jay Cutler is going to do? I would assume they are going to go with Tannehill for QB but is that even that big of a step up? Jarvis Landry is gone as well, so less of the field will get stretched for the offense. This could end up like Wes Welker when he went to the Broncos. They really never got much out of him.


Whatever happens to Amendola in the upcoming season won’t change how I feel about him. He was a class act in New England who came up big for us when we needed him, and helped us win two rings. On that alone I thank you Danny, and hope you are as well receiuved down in Miami as you were up here in New England.


-John O’Connell
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