Danny Ainge: You’re An Idiot

So the Celtics made news…and it’s not even draft day yet!

If you live under a rock, the Celtics traded the number one overall pick to Philly for three this year and a future first rounder depending on some conditions (LA 2018 OR Sac 2019 first rounder). Let me just say I HATE THIS TRADE…unless one thing happens.

Everyone has been all about Markelle Fultz and how he’s the next guy in this league…until now they Celtics aren’t going to draft him. Now apparently he’s a bum. I’m a Celtics fan but guys come on the kid is going to be a stud.

Clearly Ainge doesn’t see what EVERYONE else sees and traded down thinking, and he said this today, that who he wants he can have at three. If that’s the case, why not get an extra first round pick and still pick Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum?

It seems like the Celtics don’t see Fultz as the automatic stud. So, my question is why not get more from Philly?? Clearly in their well marketed process they need an all-star point guard to complete the young core. Clearly they coveted Fultz. Why not ask for more or at least wait till draft night when you know the value will be higher?

Most people say there is something bigger in play. Jimmy Butler? Paul George?

Stephen A. Smith has the Celtics landing Butler:

However, the TWolves have begun discussions and the CAVS (Lord help me now) are trying to pry the star from Chicago as well.

Let me just say this. One, Stephen A has been right before on some bigger stories so don’t discount his initial report. Two, trading for Butler AND signing Gordan Hayward or Blake Griffin is the only scenario that makes trading the pick for next to nothing away four days before the draft.

The Celtics seem to be priming for the now window vs. waiting out the Cavs and Warriors. That begs questions for us to ponder through draft night. What will they do? In a perfect word would Butler and Hayward or Griffin be enough to win now?

I say draft Tatum and HELL NO? What do you all say?

Written by: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

2 thoughts on “Danny Ainge: You’re An Idiot

  • connorstrayer

    I think the trade was pretty smart considering if Ainge does not think that Fultz is the guy. If the Lakers do pick Jackson then we should 100% draft him.

  • He is ani idiot. And let Jimmy get away! They could have had the starting line up Al Hartford Jimmy Butler and Isiah. And he didn’t want it do it because Crawford. Crawford at best is a glorified bench warmer. And they could have had Hayward too. That team would have been to the finals


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