Daniel Jones Is The Answer At QB For The Giants

QB1: Daniel Jones

Time and time again people and the media love to slander Daniel Jones for his playing and say that he can not be a starting Quarterback! I’ve been on the recored since day 1 supporting him and saying if he can limit turnovers and we give this guy time he can indeed be an above average QB for the Giants!
Daniel Jones throws a great deep ball and is by far one of the Giants’ best athletes on the field! He can make all the throws needed, when given time, in order to win big games! He has elite speed and when the Giants use him in the RPO he is elite with it!

Daniel Jones Third Year Leap with the Giants

Daniel Jones speed also helps him and the Giants extend plays when pressure starts to come at him! His biggest issues have been turnovers and reading the defense pre snap. He has taken the 3 year leap in both! So far in year 3, regardless of the Giants record, jones has not been the issue for the Giants! He threw for 403 yards last week with two Touchdowns and led a game winning drive in over time and game tie field goal late in the 4th quarter. By the numbers, he has had a productive start to the year for the Giants! In my opinion, Jones is starting to show why he was drafted where he was and what he can bring to this Giants team! It will come down to the offensive line holding up, good play calling from
Garrett and Jones to continue to take the leap pre snap, and making throws in tight windows to limit turnovers!

In Jones I believe:

I love Jones and all he brings to this team and I’m excited to see how he plays the rest of the year! He is my quarterback of the future and I truly believe it!

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