The Stars and Vegas Knights Have New Sweaters That Are Phenomenal

It’s been a few days since the Dallas Stars announced and unveiled their new sweaters. After numerous reviews from all over the social media world including here at Couch Guy Sports, I felt the need to chime in. The Stars have some company because the Vegas Golden Knights are have dropped a new sweater and its magnificent.

The Dallas Stars released their brand new “Blackout” sweater and add it to their wardrobe. These new vibrant sweaters are absolutely phenomenal and I can’t wait to see the Stars wear them on the ice. This brand new vivid sweater with a tweaked Stars logo is bright and bold.

The Blackout

The new “Blackout” sweater came to life with the tagline of “Inspired for Dallas” and “Designed for Texas” is bringing the Stars back to their roots. The team is officially shifting away from the “D” that was part of their logo. The focus on the outline of Texas was influenced to include the state.

The neon skyline and the Victory Green brands a modern look that pops. I know what some people are going to say, these new sweaters look like Monster Energy drink can. I have never had a Monster Energy drink in my entire life and I don’t intend to taste the beast.

These new Stars sweaters have a very WWE Degeneration-X feel to them as well. I was a huge WWE fan growing up and a DX fan. The Monday Night Wars were won partly because of how DX was used by Vince McMahon. So Dallas Stars fans, are you ready?

All That Glitters is Not Gold

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Am I right? The Vegas Golden Knights also unveiled brand new sweaters this offseason. They hit the jackpot with these beautiful new sweaters. Vegas went gold, baby, gold.

I love these new sweaters, I still think the Stars are shinning brighter than the gold in Vegas. This team has done nothing but win since they hit the ice a few years ago. Teams have tried the gold and yellow vibrant color schemes before, remember the Jacksonville Jaguars? This is different, the Golden Knights have done it right with this vibrant gold color scheme. I can’t wait to see the new T-Mobile Arena filled with fans and they have a Gold-out in the stands.

Lucky No. 7 👌🤩 pic.twitter.com/maMV6bnuX1


Back in Black

These new sweaters are phenomenal and if any team can pull this off its the Stars. The original six hockey clubs don’t typically do these gimmick sweaters. The Bruins will be introducing a new third sweater soon and the previous Pooh Bear yellow is supposedly the leader in the clubhouse.

As we await what the Bruins may or may not do, hopefully they have something brewing, no pun intended similar to the Stars.

The new Stars sweater is the beginning of how the NHL will engage fans. These new fresh and vibrant sweaters will look great on the ice. Vegas will look fresh with their new sweaters but, the Stars are back in black and I am all in on these new sweaters.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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