Cue the Waterworks…Mookie Betts Posts Tribute Video to Boston

We were all wondering when Mookie Betts would say something nice to honor his time with the Red Sox. That question was answered today as Mookie Betts put out a video via his Twitter. You might want to get comfortable Red Sox fans. This one is going to hit you right in the feels.

With the video now in the general public, I have some thoughts.

Mookie Still Loves Boston

There’s nothing but love coming from Mookie Betts in this video. He acknowledges how great they’ve been to him for the first nine years of his professional career. The man knows Boston is a town for multiple championships. He has nothing but good things to say about the city. Betts could have easily made it a quick “see you around” type of video. But, he took the time to acknowledge the Red Sox and everything they did for him to this point.

He Knows He Has A Great Opportunity With The Dodgers

Notice what Mookie said at the end of his video and in his tweet. He knows just how good the Dodgers are going to be this season. Think about it for a second. They got hosed out of one World Series, maybe even two. They’re hungry this season and they’re proving they want to win it all once and for all. Plus, Mookie can cash in with another World Series ring and potential MVP award, right?

Mookie Can Make A Heck Of A Video

Don’t sit there and tell me you didn’t like watching that whole thing. It brought back some great memories. 2018 will never be forgotten in Red Sox nation. The Mookie at-bat against the Blue Jays defined that 2018 season. Sure, the Los Angeles part kind of stinks. But hey, you had Tom Brady and K.G. in there as well. It could be worse, right?

In Conclusion

Mookie made a nice gesture here. He’s trying to appease to both fanbases. Could this be a “see you later” type of video? Maybe. But, even if it isn’t, we’ll always wish Mookie Betts the best of luck wherever he plays in 2021 and beyond. However, it wouldn’t hurt to see him back in a Red Sox uniform come 2021 either!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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