Could Nick Mullens Be The QB2 For The Browns Next Year?

It has been a wild few weeks over in Cleveland Ohio. The Browns lost half of their starters and both Quarterbacks to covid, who was going to be the one to step in, it could only be one person and that person is Nick Mullins.

Who Is Nick Mullins?

Nick Mullins signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2021 after spending 3 years with the 49ers and 1 year with the Eagles. He has never really been able to prove how good a player he really is. Mullens played college football for the University of Southern Mississippi where during his freshman year he helped break their losing streak at 24 games, he was showing real potential.  Nick would end up playing 44 games while in college, he ended as the lead passer in every statistical category. During his time there, he led a reversal in fortunes for the program. After they won just one game in his freshman year, Southern Miss went 16-9 with Mullens as a starter over his final two seasons. He was a player that knew how to change a game and a team.

Nick Mullens played for the 49ers for 3 years during 2018 and 2020 he started in 16 games and played in 19 altogether, during this he managed a 5-11 record as a starter. Mullens went 3-5 in 2018  and 2-6 during the 2020 season.

Here’s a fun stat: Mullens yardage total in his first 16 starts is the second-most in NFL history behind only Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now that is a stat and half.

Could Mullens Become The QB2?

Now here is where the debate begins with Case Keenum as back up and staying through till at least 2023 how can Mullens become the second string?

Keenum has been a huge help with the playbook, jumping in when Baker is injured and let’s be honest his experience is a huge benefit. The Browns need to work with the QB’s they have and not keep on going to the draft and expecting immediate results. They finally have a good QB room and they need to stick with that.

Nick Mullens was a name that not many Browns fan knew before the covid outbreak in Berea but as every Browns fans is they try to stay positive and its always next man up mentally and that’s exactly what Mullens did. Mullens completed 20 of his 30 passes for 147 yards and he threw one touchdown pass and finished with an 89.2 Quarterback Rating. With only one practice session he nearly became a winning hero for the Browns.

Nick Mullens proved during that week 16 game that under huge pressure he can deliver, the loss wasn’t down to him, the defence wasn’t able to stop the Raiders offence and they managed to score a field goal to win, no matter what happened during that game you only had to go on twitter to see the love for Mullens.

Even Baker Mayfield chimed in from home!

 Closing Remarks.

Mullens with more game time could easily became the QB2. He’s eager to learn, he’s ready to play when called, he nearly won in an unwinnable situation with back up starters as well and no head coach that’s going to turn a few heads for sure.

No one is saying he will be a superstar but he is a capable QB2 going forward, he’s young, he’s eager to learn and ready to be called up whenever needed that’s exactly what you want in a back up QB. With more game time he could definitely prove himself more all I know is a lot of Cleveland Browns fans are behind him to succeed in a Browns uniform and I hope to see him pull that number 9 shirt on again soon.

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