Could Marcell Ozuna Become a Boston Red Sox?

Some Friday night baseball rumors, anyone? Well, that isn’t QUITE what we have here. But here’s the thing. The Boston Red Sox were NOT good at baseball in 2020. They need a lot of reinforcements to make another run at a World Series title. Keep in mind, this team is only two years removed from a World Series. There’s a name out there that is interesting to think about. That name? Marcell Ozuna.

So WEEI could be on to something here. Could the Red Sox make a run at a guy like Marcell Ozuna? Well, let’s look at a few things here.

Cheaper Option Than George Springer?

Could this be a situation where it’s based on money? George Springer is going to be a hot commodity during this off-season. But, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. So if you don’t want to go all out for that option, Ozuna might be the next best bet. He’s a powering hitting outfielder. He’ll probably be right in the middle of your lineup. So if you can save some money and spend more of it on pitching, Ozuna might be the move here.

The Power Numbers

In 60 games this season with the Braves, Ozuna hit 18 homeruns along with 56 RBI’s. The proof is in the stats. Ozuna has hit 37 homeruns in a given season before (2017) and was a two time All-star in Miami. This guy is pretty good. Plus, if you can put his bat in the same lineup as Bogaerts, Devers, and JD Martinez, that’s a pretty solid 1-4. Give your lineup an additional boost in power that it could most certainly use.

In Conclusion

The Red Sox should be entertaining any and all options to get better this offseason. Marcell Ozuna helps your lineup tremendously. The power is there. The bat will be good. It makes too much sense to at least pick up the phone and see what it would take to get him to Boston. Let’s get this team back into contention sooner rather than later please! After all, you have the money to spend!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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