Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 91: Chargers Over Patriots? | Celtics Better Without Kyrie? | Kimbrel Could Come Back To the Red Sox

Nick and Jared back with another week of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 91. We got some Wild Card Weekend games to wrap up, Celtics drama, Kyrie Irving issues and Craig Kimbrel’s possibility of returning to the Red Sox.

Wild Card Weekend was insane and the storylines just piled up. Cody Parkey bouncing balls off the field goal posts, LaMar Jackson STUNK and the Colts looked nasty.

The Chargers had the Patriots lined up in Gillette. We know the outcome now, but the Chargers should have put up a better fight than that. How did the Chargers matchup with New England?

Are the Celtics better without Kyrie Irving? We have had a wild up and down season for the C’s and things don’t look like they’re getting better. What’s wrong and why does it seem like the team is better without their superstar?

We are DEEP into the MLB offseason right now and free agents are coming off of the board. Craig Kimbrel is still out there looking for a job. Are signs pointing to this guy returning to the Red Sox?

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