Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 99: Trey Flowers is SACKED! | Celtics are BACK! | Browns are STACKED!

I know it’s a little late… But here’s the blog post for last week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast you animals.

Nick and Jared were back with episode 99. Yeah, your math’s right, that means THIS WEEK’S is episode 100.

The boys talk about Trey Flower’s and Trent Brown’s new massive deals with the Lions and Raiders respectively. How much will these losses hurt the Patriots as they head into 2019? And who’s loss will impact the team more?

The Celtics are still a roller coaster ride of a team. But recently they’ve put together some big games. Is this team finally back? Or are we just going to be disappointed again?

And the Browns are making MOVES. The Browns made the biggest move of the offseason in trading for Odell Beckham Jr. How lethal does that move make the Browns offense? And are they about to finally make the postseason and be a legit threat in the AFC?

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