Couch Guy Sports Podcast 144: Mookie Betts Trade MAYHEM | What’s Tom Brady Really Worth? | Talkin’ Studio Murder?

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are dropping the NEW Couch Guy Sports Podcast… A little different than usual.

TODAY, the boys are in a live studio at Focus Forward Media to bring to you the first-ever non-over a dumbass computer camera show. We run through the weekly dump and get into things like Antonio Brown and the massive, MASSIVE Barstool Sports sale that’s making Dave Portnoy literally have unlimited money.

Tom Brady. What is going to happen with him? We have reports out there that he could be getting in excess of $30 million from Robert Kraft and the Patriots. But is he worth it? He’s getting older now and by the time the next season starts, he’ll be 43 years old. Listen. I know he’s the GOAT and if Patriots fans could choose, they’d have Tommy boy in New England for the rest of his life. But Bill Belichick’s gotta make a decision here. Does he go out and grab one of these mediocre free agents? Does he sign Tom? Or does he maybe draft another guy or go with their back up, Jarrett Stidham?

And the Mookie Betts deal that absolutely dominated the week.

Red Sox fans lost Betts… And gained Alex Verdugo plus some other guys. And Verdugo, well, has a really questionable incident. Just do a quick Google search for “Alex Verdugo assault” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. He didn’t do any of the physical assaulting, but according to the story, he was very much there and present.

That and more on THIS WEEK’S Couch Guy Sports Podcast.

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