Couch Guy Sports Has The Answer To Fix Baseball…Well Kinda

Earlier today one of our writers has cracked the case to fixing baseball. Now before you jump down my throat, I’m a huge baseball fan. Watch it, played it and now coach it at the high school level. The simple matter of it’s, the game needs to be fixed to appeal for the younger generation.

Our writer, John Luck, wrote an article touching on topics of how to change the game for the better. The crazy part about it’s, he’s right! There are no “bad guys” in the sport, they do need to shorten the schedule, and they definitely need to make it more kid-friendly. All good points, only thing is, he’s missing a few key points.

The MLB needs to look into having more mic’d up moments within the game. Maybe do something like a Hard Knocks like the NFL does. I don’t believe in robot umps because frankly, that’ll only make the game more boring. Half the conversations about baseball is the human error made by the players, coaches and umpires that change the outcome of games. On the other end, lets mic up the umpires. Let the fans hear the explanations of the umps. let them hear the conversations between players and umps.

The last thing he missed or should be included is something the players themselves are pushing for. Let the damn kids play!! let them flip the bat after hitting a bomb, let the pitcher pump his fist and yell after a huge strikeout. Let the players police themselves, if emotions boil over, WHO CARES!! Let’s see more Red Sox Yankees brawls! It’s entertaining!! Let the player show emotions!! If you think this wouldn’t get the kids more interested, go watch any little league game ever! No matter if the score is 100-0 or tied 0-0 in the last inning. The kids are full of emotions! It’s a true reminder that Baseball is a kids game! So why are we trying to transform it into an adult game? How many of you would die to go out in your backyard and play kickball or wiffle ball but life simply gets in the way? Well, MLB players get to do that! For the Love of God, the MLB NEEDS to appeal to the kid nature of the game!

John Luck is right! Don’t take my word for it, go read the article for yourselves. I’m a diehard baseball fan and I am fully onboard with the changes he’s suggesting! Let the kids play!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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