Couch Guy Sports Fantasy Football League DOUBLE Recap: Weeks 6 and 7

Week 8 of the NFL season, is about to be fully underway. Weird but we’re a week behind on the recaps for our 2020 Couch Guy Sports Fantasy Football league, so it’s time for a DOUBLE RECAP.

In Weeks 6 and 7, we had clutch performances, devastating injuries, major letdowns, and as always, SERIOUS fantasy implications. Within our league specifically, not as tight of a week as Week 5, but that’s okay. We did have one super tight matchup, and a couple of (dare I say) major upsets. 

The basic rundown of these weekly recap blogs is as follows: Recap each of the previous 2 week’s matchups, analyze a smidge, and lastly, talk a bit of trash. Let’s dive right into it.

Week 6 Matchups and Recaps:

The Click Baits (Connor Ryan) over CGS President Quags 150.72 to 82.5

Not beating around the bush this week. This one was an absolute bloodbath. Not sure if Connor is aware about the ins and outs of sucking up to your superiors for personal gain, but this is simply not how it’s done. Somebody get this dude on LinkedIn, or something, ASAP!!!

Matchup MVP: Julio Jones (33.7 pts)

Julio Jones dominates for the Falcons in Week 6

Weird but he’s now played twice since this game – BUT, this was Julio’s return. Huge effort, in a 30+ point game against the Vikings, setting the pace Week 6 for Connor.

Matchup Letdown: Aaron Rodgers (3.8 pts)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rough up Aaron Rodgers, hand Packers first loss

Not a lot went right for Quags, but with Dak out for the year, Rodgers was a DUD. 3.8 points, against the Bucs and Brady no less? This guy is such an enigma – I don’t know when to believe in him, and when to count him out. Easy pick for matchup letdown of the week, might be the biggest letdown of Week 6 to be honest.

Fresh Prince of Helair (Jared Scali) over Wilson! Wilson! (Al Nahigian) 109.98 to 108.14

TIGHT matchup here. Scali pulled off the upset against Al. Don’t look now, but if Scali’s team gets healthy, he could be dangerous and capable of a little run to the playoffs.

Matchup MVP: Jamison Crowder (11.8 pts)

Looks like Adam Gase will use Jamison Crowder like he used Jarvis Landry

Crowder didn’t have the most points for Scali this week, but as a WR2 spot start, he did JUST enough to help secure the W. Scali is the king of interest start/sit decisions, and this one came VERY close to blowing up in his face – but alas, it did not. Crowder (11.2 pts) and the FLEX Alexander Mattison were outscored by a whopping 4 WRs and 1 RB on the bench. Scali likes to live dangerously, and I respect that.

Matchup Letdown: Mike Evans (2.0 pts)

Mike Evans expected to miss season with hamstring injury

Honestly wild that Al was within 1.84 points of winning despite getting 2 points from his WR1. Also, Jerry Jeudy gets an honorable mention with a paltry 5.2 on the week. Additionally, Greg The Leg Zuerlein dropped just a single point for Al, which also hurt.

Team Chubby (Brent Buckley) over Small State Big Cakes (Gilli, aka me) 127.9 to 112.2

Tough week for your boy. Spoiler alert: Week 7 was no better for me. Congrats to Brent on a solid win, and keeping himself very much in the mix for a playoff berth.

As for me – this week was like getting a cake to the face.

Matchup MVP: Justin Jefferson (39.6 pts)

As a season slips away, Justin Jefferson stakes his claim as the Vikings' future – The Athletic

Holy Toledo, Batman. What a week for the rookie wideout. 9 catches, 166 yards, and 2 TDs against the Falcons. Shame they can’t do jersey swaps this year, because this would’ve been a perfect game for a Julio Jones / Justin Jefferson jersey swap.

Matchup Letdown: DeVante Parker (6.5 pts)

DeVante Parker set up to be big fantasy bust in 2020

Not an atrocious week for Parker, but other than my D/ST and kicker, no one was below this point total. I had a solid but not great week of performances. But, to win, you can’t live off of just a single 20+ point performance.

Boston Antidote (Diego Galvis) over Team Waleed (Waleed Jeha) 138.54 to 100.42

Tough draw here for Waleed, with a banged up team and a bunch of byes to deal with. Tyler Lockett, Darren Waller, Drew Brees, Justin Jackson all on byes. PLUS, CMC and Austin Ekeler on the IR.

Diego took care of business, led by the TANK, Derrick Henry. He had a few dude performances by Mecole Hardman, Mark Andrews and even the Colts D/ST, but it didn’t matter.

Matchup MVP: Derrick Henry (42.4 pts)

The Derrick Henry enigma: 'How can somebody that big be that fast?' - al.com

MONSTROUS week against the Texans. 22 carries for 212 yards, 2 rushing TDs, and 2 catches for 52 yards. Unless everyone else on Diego’s team underperformed by a ton – there’s just not a plausible way to lose with a 40+ point effort from Henry.

Matchup Letdown: Cooper Kupp (4.1 pts)

Rams news: Will Cooper Kupp be next player to get new contract? - Turf Show Times

I love Cooper Kupp, but 4.1 points is just such a bummer from him in a PPR league. He’s clearly banged up, but DAMN, this is his format!!! C’mon COOP!

The Sharks (Fred O’Brien) over Danvers Powderpuffs (Thomas “Powder” Cadmus) 118.18 to 113.62

Poor Powder – back to back weeks of tight losses to keep him winless.

Not going to lie, Josh Allen looked human in Week 6, and so did Fred’s Sharks as a result. His residual pieces did enough to hold on, but this might be enough for others to smell blood and not quite be ready to hand him the crown just yet…

Matchup MVP: Ronald Jones (26.1 pts)

WATCH: Ronald Jones II goes airborne to stretch Bucs' lead vs. Raiders

Ronald Jones might be a genuinely VERY GOOD running back. The Bucs backfield is a beautiful mess, but between Jones and Fournette, they have some serious talent. Week 6 was Jones’ turn once again to do the heavy lifting, and with 2 scores, he did just that.

Matchup Letdown: T.Y. Hilton (2.1 pts)

Colts' T.Y. Hilton on Philip Rivers: We're a perfect match

TY Hilton is such an enigma. Do he and Phil Rivers just hate each other? Why isn’t this working? 2.1 points is KILLER, all Powder needed was 5 more points from Hilton and he’d have a win here.

Week 7 Matchups and Recaps:

The Click Baits (Connor Ryan) over Small State Big Cakes (Gilli, aka me) 120.0 to 118.64

I have no comment on this one. Losing to Connor always hurts, but especially when he’s texting me about how Kyler Murray outperformed Pat Mahomes and all this other shit. WHATEVER.

Matchup MVP: Kyler Murray (37.1 pts)

Kyler Murray leaves game against Seahawks with hamstring injury - Revenge of the Birds

As mentioned before, Murray went OFF in Week 7 against the Seahawks in a major upset. Murray’s 360 yards was incredible enough, but then he HAD to score 3 TDs through the air, and 1 on the ground. HUGE week for Ky-guy.

Matchup Letdown: Pat Mahomes (12.0 pts)

Broncos defense had solid script, until Patrick Mahomes went off-script

And conversely, the 2nd QB drafted off the board, gets outplayed by Kyler. To be fair, I roster Kyler in a bunch of leagues, and Connor knows he’s hurting my feelings. Mahomes just can’t drop 12 points and have me expect to win a fantasy matchup. I don’t care the Bucs beat the Broncos by 27 points, this was unacceptable.

Team Waleed (Waleed Jeha) over Fresh Prince of Helair (Jared Scali) 156.38 to 140.42

Massive scoring output from both teams here. Good effort by both sides. Alas, only one team can win, and Waleed’s team had enough juice to pull away by a bit. Scali has some of the most shit luck this season – and this week was no exception.

Waleed’s team is still lingering and very much in the mix of things, even at 3-4. When CMC and Ekeler are back, he’s going to be a force. ESPECIALLY if Drew Brees gets Michael Thomas back soon and can put up some big numbers.

Matchup MVP: Tyler Lockett (55.0 pts)

Highlights: Every catch by Tyler Lockett from his 200-yard, 3-TD night

Not a typo. FIFTY-FIVE. What the actual HECK?? 15 catches for 200 yards and 3 TDs for Lockett in that thriller against Arizona. 20 targets in the game as well – just a huge effort and workload for Lockett. I’m fascinated to see how the Seahawks use him against the 49ers in Week 8.

Matchup Letdown: Giants D/ST (2.0 pts)

The Giants might have to change their entire defense in 2020

I guess the Giants D/ST here? I’m not loving it, but again, his team had a great week. Matt Ryan slightly underperformed based on projections, but I’m not that upset with a 17.52 week if I’m Scali.

Boston Antidote (Diego Galvis) over Danvers Powderpuffs (Thomas “Powder” Cadmus) 185.86 to 115.88

Solid week for Powder, but Diego’s squad had way too much sauce for anyone to handle this week. If I’m Powder, I’m actually happy it wasn’t closer, because that would be that much more disheartening of a loss here.

Boston Antidote ROLLED, and is clicking on all cylinders. The TE spot of his backup Jared Cook was the lowest starting spot with 12.2 points. Two 30-point efforts from TB12 and James Robinson set the pace for what might be the highest scoring week of the season. Diego is getting HOT – but is it too early? Is he peaking at the wrong time?

Matchup MVP: Tom Brady (36.86 pts)

Raiders' lack of pressure critical in loss to Buccaneers, Tom Brady | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Picking TB12 here in part, because he’s the GOAT and I love him – but also, because this was an impressive performance. 369 yards, 4 passing TDs, 0 INTs, and 1 rushing TD. Great week to roster Tom freaking Brady. Even better week when you’re Diego and only played him because Lamar Jackson had a bye week!!!

Matchup Letdown: Odell Beckham Jr. (0.0 pts)

Odell Beckham Jr. injury: Fantasy football fallout for Browns, owners

Devastating loss for Powder and all others that roster him in other leagues, with OBJ out for the season. Not only that, but he barely played against the Bengals before leaving the game due to the injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery and a MAJOR comeback in 2021.

CGS President Quags (Nick Quaglia) over The Sharks (Fred O’Brien) 125.82 to 117.82

DOWN GOES FRED. First loss of the season at the hands of Quags, the President of Couch Guy Sports, and our fearless leader.

Fred still remains the team to beat – but as I alluded to earlier in the blog – without Josh Allen looking like an MVP, there’s a little bit of vulnerability for the first time all season.

Matchup MVP: Aaron Rodgers (27.32 pts)

FUN IN THE SNOW: Packers hold off Texans, move back to .500 | Pro | lacrossetribune.com

Rodgers is the right pick here – he had the most points for Quags in Week 7. BUT, I also love how he fittingly was the letdown of Week 6, making for a comeback within the same blog. 2020, man.

Matchup Letdown: Ezekiel Elliott (6.1 pts)

Cowboys News: Ezekiel Elliott says Cowboys current situation is “2020 summed up” - Blogging The Boys

Fred had a couple of guys underwhelm this week, but Zeke stands out the most. With Dak out for the year, all eyes have gone to Zeke, and honestly, he has not lived up to the expectations. Still time to turn it around, especially since the NFC East is still up for grabs. That being said, the 2nd overall pick, Zeke needs to do more here. If he performs up to his expected level here, Fred might still be undefeated.

Wilson! Wilson! (Al Nahigian) over Team Chubby (Brent Buckley) 103.82 to 80.06

Low-scoring defense first battle here. Al’s Wilson! Wilson! squad pulls off the W at the hands of Russell Wilson and Alvin Kamara, as expected. Across Weeks 6 and 7, this was the matchup of the lowest losing score and lowest winning score. Just a weird fun fact / stat for the people keeping track at home.

Matchup MVP: Russell Wilson (29.92 pts)

O'Brien Schofield, Russell Wilson - Russell Wilson Photos - Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals - Zimbio

No other real option. Kamara was also good, but Russ might be running away with the MVP at the rate he’s been producing. 388 yards passing, 3 TDs, albeit 3 INTs as well. Then on the ground, 6 carries for 84 yards certainly helps make up for those turnovers against the Cardinals.

Matchup Letdown: Devonta Freeman (0.8 pts)

Dalvin Cook's breakdown of Devonta Freeman should soothe Giants

Devonta Freeman. 3 carries for 8 yards. COME ONNNNNN. He couldn’t have gotten like a couple more touches before getting hurt?? Is that too much to ask?

Personally, this one hit home because in another league I was also burned by starting Freeman last Thursday night and it ruined my whole weekend. Not really. But kinda.

Weekly Accolades for Weeks 6 and 7:

Some random shout-outs and disses to acknowledge the best and worst performances of the past week.

The Galaxy Brain Award: Boston Antidote – Diego Galvis (185.86 pts – Week 7)

Expanding Brain Generator

Congrats. You made all the right moves this week. A true galaxy-brain level performance that led to the most points scored.

The WAP (Weak Ass Performance) Award: Team Chubby – Brent Buckley (80.66 pts – Week 7)

90 Day Fiance': Big Ed allegedly again insults Rose's bad breath

Never fun to be the lowest scoring team of the week. This happened to be from Week 7, but Quags was not far off with his 82.5 point week in Week 6.

The Went Down Swingin’ Award: Fresh Prince Of Helair – Jared Scali (140.42 pts – Week 7)

in360news: Sylvester Stallone Explains Why He Cast Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV

He did nearly everything right, yet it wasn’t enough. But even in a shootout between a couple of sharpshooters, someone has to lose. Way to go down swingin’ champ, better luck next time.

The Sneaky Snake Award: Wilson! Wilson! – Al Nahigian (103.82 pts – Week 7) 

This person won with the lowest score total among all winners this week. A little luck goes a long way in fantasy, and this is symbolic of that. For now, congrats… but it let it be known that we see you slithering your way to a victory! So much of fantasy is playing teams on the right week, the fantasy gods are on your side, for now…

The Honey, We’re Going Streaking Award: Danvers Powderpuffs – Thomas Powder Cadmus (7 Losses In a Row)

Best The Old Masters GIFs | Gfycat

7 losses in a row for Powder here. I can’t NOT give him this award, to be honest. Tough couple of weeks of continued bad luck. After a couple of trades, all eyes are up on Week 8 as HIS week to secure a W.

God, for his sake, I at least hope KFC is still open.

The If You Could Turn Back Time Award, Presented By Cher: Wilson! Wilson! – Al Nahigian (Week 6)

What a song. Al wins the award sponsored by Cher! He wishes he could turn back time to Sunday morning and make a different start/sit decision, which would have resulted in a matchup win, not a loss.

Had Al played either of his 2 only WRs on the bench over either of his WR1/WR2/FLEX, he would’ve won his matchup against Scali. It’s a game of inches, and sometimes, the loss by an inch hurts the most.

*Side note / General disclaimer: Fantasy Football leagues are totally screwed once we figure out time travel. Shit’s going to be defunct so fast when someone cheats, waits until Week 16, and then time travels back to the draft and picks the best performers of the year.


Standings After Week 7

*SLIGHT CHANGE. We’re going with 6 playoff teams now. And playoff matchups will be 1 week long, to avoid the shit-show that is Week 17 football.

With that update, pretty much everyone is still in the mix here, with plenty of teams within reach of that #6 seed. Even Powder can assert himself as in the mix with a string of wins starting in Week 8. I believe!!!


Song Expressing My Current Feelings following Weeks 6 and 7: 

(because after being in 9th place, I’m ready to “switch them positions”, but for me – not you)

Good luck to all in your respective leagues – may the waiver odds ever be in your favor. I’ll be back next week with another recap on the Couch Guy Sports fantasy league.

may the odds be ever in your favor - hunger games sign | Meme Generator

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