Couch Guy Sports Cyber Monday Merch Sale: All Items 20% Off With FREE SHIPPING

No, believe me, you read that headline right. It’s Cyber Monday so I’m sure you’ve bounced around the internet a little bit and you’ve seen all of these “sales” that are what, 5% off? Please. You come into the Couch Guy Sports store and guess what? You’re getting 20% off AND free shipping on your order.

Oh wait, you thought it ended today at midnight? Buddy. When I say 20% AND free shipping, I don’t mean just today. This sale goes on now until this Friday night. Click on this link now, get into our store and BUY EVERYTHING. We have our Celtics merch, our Couch Guy Sports merch, our Red Sox merch and believe me, there’s plenty more to come in the future.

The fact that you’re still reading this is insane. While you’re here though, take a look at some of the merch that’s on sale below.

How are you still here!? BUY BABY BUY!

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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