Couch Guy Hollywood Ep 4: Fresh Off The Grammys!; Avengers vs. Star Wars in the Box Office; Avengers: Endgame Breakdown!

Join Nick, Ben and Coop on the couch as they discuss the latest movie and music news in Hollywood that you might have missed!

In this episode they discuss their thoughts on this year’s Grammy Awards and the winners,

the latest superbowl ads including Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4! 

Then dive into what’s on the binge in television, Coop’s scoop on the red carpet premiere for the LEGO Movie 2 

what’s to come from Dutch Melrose?!

Then Ben asks the ultimate question— will Avengers or Star Wars break the box office record in 2019? 

Find out our answers here on Couch Guy Hollywood!

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