Copa America Battle for 3rd Place

After a long and challenging tournament, Copa America is coming to an end of its 2021 edition.

The tournament, which was in question from the start due to COVID-19 related concerns and political unrest in Colombia was forced to quickly transition to Brazil. Now, the tournament is coming to its conclusion. Who ends in 3rd place and who wins it?

The Copa America 3rd place battle is here! Let’s look at the teams.

Colombia – Copa America Battle!

Colombia | CONMEBOL Copa América 2021

(Image credit to Copaamerica.com)

It’s time for Colombia to fight tonight for their third place in this Copa America tournament.

So, what must Colombia do to get things taken care of? For starters, Colombia is doing things right! They were considered a hit or miss at the beginning of this tournament and now, they are quite the pleasant surprise.

Colombia’s priority is, starting Luis Diaz at their right wing in the midfield. The FC Porto winger has been sensational all tournament long.

Additionally for Colombia, their defense must continue to take good care of their keeper. David Ospina has been in his best form yet and should they want to aim for third place, Ospina will be your key to that success.

Good luck Colombia as you battle for 3rd place in Copa America.

Peru – The Ultimate Underdogs!

Official: Pedro Gallese, Peru international goalkeeper, joins Orlando City SC | MLSSoccer.com

(Image credit to mlssoccer.com)

So now, as the Copa America 3rd place battle approaches, this is a story I am excited about!

First of, Peru came into this tournament as the ultimate underdog. The Peruvian team was highly disregarded given the struggles this team has been facing. Yet, this team has taken that title to heart and have shown others to never under mind Peru by any means.

One of their most amazing stories has been how good goalkeeper, Pedro Gallese has been for them.

The other amazing pair of stories for Peru have been Yoshimar Yotun (midfield) and Rafael Tapia. The pair, who are considered veterans at this point for their national team have truly led by example. Yotun has been a scrappy but incredibly good go-getter for this team. Meanwhile, Tapia has shown that not only is he a massive threat in the middle for Peru but he can also be a deadly striker for any team eyeing new blood in their squad.

Personally, this is a team I’m thrilled for as they fight for third place against Colombia. It will be a difficult and tall task for Peru but it is an uphill battle that they are familiar with at this point.

Who Gets The Copa America 3rd Place?

As I think deeper about this match, there are a couple of weaknesses that if either team exploited out of the other, it could be over for whoever is weaker.

For Colombia, it is incredibly important to have a creative and quick midfield force. Colombia and Peru have met twice in the span of one month (1W/1L) and in their win, they had a creative Mateus Uribe at the time. While he is now not available, someone the likes of Edwin Cardona could fill the void.

For Peru, discipline has been a problem. They have fallen into the chirpy and physical game with many of these national teams and have fallen behind in games due to emotions running high. Other than that, continue to trust your goalie and let Yotun and Tapia create those chances for you upfront.

My prediction is that we can see Colombia winning this. It isn’t because I’m Colombian or anything, I just think the Luis Diaz we saw against Argentina could come out again tonight and as it was for Argentina, he was too much of a force. If Diaz and Cuadrado are in their feelings tonight, it is simply too much for Peru to handle and that’s where Colombia is most lethal.

Good luck to both!

(Featured image credit to bbc.com)

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