Conor McGregor Was the Mayor of Boston On St. Paddy’s Weekend

St. Paddy’s weekend is a full-blown party in Boston. Yeah, it’s pretty big in most spots, but in Boston, it just feels like it’s a different animal. The city’s pretty Irish and Boston loves to drink. Everything just lines up perfectly.

And you know how you make St. Paddy’s weekend even more legendary in the city? You add Conor McGregor to the mix.

It kicked off on Saturday when the rumor was going around that McGregor was going to be at the Bruins game. Oh, baby, he was there and he made sure literally everyone knew.

McGregor is a legend and honestly, for me, it’s barely for the fighting. It’s fun as hell to watch McGregor whoop some candy ass.  But this guy on camera is a wild ride. I live for Mcgregor video clips. Look, a lot of people find him obnoxious but I get all sorts of jacked up when I watch him losing his damn mind. And let’s be honest, his pre-game speech probably did NOTHING for the B’s in regards to some motivation. The Leafs being right on their asses probably has that covered. BUT, I’m certainly walking out of that locker room with massive amounts of energy.

Watching him go nuts on that Marchy overtime goal was awesome. Two massive personalities coming together for some fire Twitter content. And speaking of, shout out to Marchy for dropping the McGregor strut after his OT winner.

Marchy showing the ultimate respect for the legend that is Conor McGregor. The thing is, he gets it. McGregor understands what gets people fired up and what makes good content. Big content guy. Telling Chara to put the Blue Jackets captain through the net after the puck drop was laugh out loud funny.

And you thought he was done after the Bruins game? Please. McGregor TOOK OVER the St. Paddy’s Day parade.

Rumor has it that the cops asked him to leave midway through. I’m not here to start rumors, but that’s just a little tidbit I heard on the radio today. But either way, McGregor RAN the city over the weekend and I mean, we need this guy back for some more, right?

Clearly, this was a promotion for his Whiskey, Proper 12. But I’m about it. The guy is a party no matter where he goes and I love every single second of it. While every other UFC fighter is just doing that, fighting, McGregor has made a brand for himself and that’s why everyone loves him. He is a legend and a full-blown celebrity outside of the ring. Once his fighting career is over, he’s going to continue RAKING IN the money.

St. Paddy’s weekend, 2019. The weekend that Conor McGregor was the Mayor of Boston. And straight up, if McGregor ran for Mayor in the next election, he wins it 100%. He would squish Marty Walsh in a second and we’d own New York in a week.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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