Conor McGregor is Back! Nate Diaz is Back! Huge Week for MMA Fans!

He’s back! UFC president Dana White finally made the announcement fans have all been waiting for. Conor McGregor will be fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov Oct 6th at UFC 229 in Las Vegas. The fight will be for the Khabib’s lightweight championship, the same belt Conor was stripped of due to inactivity. This will easily be the biggest fight in UFC history. There has been so much bad blood between these two. One of the most memorable moments was McGregor throwing a dolly into a bus days before UFC 223. McGregor had to go to court, luckily for him the judge only made him do community service.

Stylistically this is one of the most difficult fights of McGregor’s career. Khabib is 26-0 and is one of the best grapplers in the UFC. The one hole we’ve seen in Khabib’s game is his striking. Khabib isn’t the most polished striker, and that’s what makes this fight interesting. Conor’s striking is on another level and if he can catch Khabib early it could be another win for the Notorious one.

Khabib vs McGregor official promo below

(Video Courtesy of the UFC and The Mac Life)

Even though the whole MMA community is in a buzz over this fight, one fighter thinks otherwise. Nate Diaz is also scheduled to make his return to the octagon. He is scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden. Nate Diaz is probably one of the biggest stars the UFC has right now, but they aren’t promoting him that way. After the big end of the year press conference yesterday, Dana White played the promo for Conor vs Khabib. Nate Diaz walked off stage during the promo, and later tweeted “I’m not fighting on that card fuk the UFC”. It’ll be interesting to see how Nate and the UFC work this out moving forward.

Video of Nate Diaz walking off stage below.

(Video Courtesy of TheRingDigital)

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