Conor McGregor has Outed Floyd Mayweather as an Average Trash Talker

Conor McGregor is the UFC’s lightweight champion former Featherweight Champion and pound for pound best shit talker not just in the UFC but in the world of sports in general.  His dominance on the mic was pretty well documented going into his series of press conferences with Floyd Mayweather but going into this it seemed like the leader of the Money team could hold his own.

Floyd has been Boxing’s top heel for over fifteen years since his first round of domestic violence allegations.  Floyd’s use of social media to promote his extravagant lifestyle combined with the very public trouble in his personal life have made him one of sport’s greatest villains and have marked his descent from his “Pretty Boy” Floyd image of his early career into the “Money” Mayweather we know today.  Floyd’s career couldn’t have been booked better by Vince McMahon and the WWE.  He has steam rolled the world of boxing press conferences and blown away any fighter who has tried to keep up with him in the shit talking department.  But a lot of shortcomings have appeared in his shit talk game now that he has gone face to face with a true legend of the craft.

Mayweather has always acted like a bad guy on instagram and has dominated press conferences by stooping lower than his opponent to grab a headline like he did in London by yelling a t Mcgregor “You Punk, You Faggot! You Hoe!”.  His other go to tactic was flaunting his wealth.  McGregor Neutralized both those strategies by bashing Floyd for owing the IRS there by stripping him of his I’m richer than you act, and using his quick wit to creatively insult Floyd which makes Floyd’s limited vocabulary of swears and slurs standout.

Ultimately Floyd is very limited in his verbal attacks and has nothing on the Notorious ones Mic skills.

Written by Jason MacKinnon (@oohkillemjason)

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