Conor McGregor: Great At Fighting, Bad At Football

Conor McGregor’s slowly won me over the past couple of years. I started off in college absolutely hating the guy. I thought he was wicked annoying and I was tired of him. He was obnoxious and just losing his mind every time I saw him on TV. But I think that was just old Quags who hated fun. I was basically an old man. I didn’t want replay review in baseball. I was wrong. I hated Cam Newton’s over the top celebrations in 2015. Wrong, because I want them back. I was just an idiot back in the day and hand to God, I’ll admit it.

So now that I’m on the McGregor train, I have to say that this is the most adorable video on the internet today. Just look at that smile on his face. I haven’t experienced that must bliss since I was a young child enjoying my first hayride.

But listen, I get that he’s from Dublin but somebody please teach this man to throw a football. I’m not mad, just disappointed. I went to Ireland two weeks ago now so I get it. They really don’t have time for much else other than drinking and talking about drinking. Somewhere in between McGregor learned how to fight, but that’s here nor there.

Tony Romo needs to get down from the booth and teach Conor what to do with that ball. I can’t have my man torn down from his high horse like this. Frankly, I would like this video scrubbed from the internet.

And actually, side note. If the Cowboys want to continue winning this season they need to pay McGregor copious amounts of money to be at every game and be around the team pregame. They’ve been mediocre all season and they laid a BEAT DOWN on one of the “best” teams in the AFC. Am I going to give him all of the credit? Well, yeah.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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