Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov Exchange Words at UFC 229 Press Conference

We are two weeks away from the most highly anticipated fight in UFC history. October 6th T-Mobile Arena Khabib Nurmagomedov will be defending his lightweight title against the man himself, Conor McGregor. Today the two men met face to face for the first time since the UFC 223 bus incident. Khabib came in with his usual calm and focused demeanor, and as always McGregor came into the press conference confident as all hell. Both men came in with their UFC titles. Khabib is considered the official lightweight champion. Conor came with his 145-pound belt and his 155 pound belt.

Once the press conference began it was officially the McGregor show. Promoting his new brand of Irish Whiskey called Proper Twelve, and disrespecting Khabib’s team, Khabib’s country, and Khabib’s fighting style. One notable line from McGregor was “I’ve never met a 26-0 armature”. McGregor didn’t shy away from the bus incident either saying to Khabib “if you left that bus you’d be in a coffin and I’d be in jail”. Even though Khabib started the press conference calm, about 40 minutes in you could tell McGregor was starting to get under his skin. The final stare down between the two was absolutely intense. Conor was doing his usual talking, as Khabib stood absolutely stone faced. Khabib’s manger Ali Abdelaziz also tried to say something to Conor, but McGregor verbally assaulted him as the press conference ended. Both fighters did an absolutely tremendous job hyping up this fight, and even if you aren’t a big fan of fighting UFC 229 is a must watch.

-Stephen Caloggero (@steveo_calo)

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