Congrats Tiger, Now Do It Again

Winning his fifth green jacket and 15th overall major, Tiger Woods is back on the map.  Many (including this writer) said he’d never win another major again.  But his -2 (-14 overall) on Sunday gave him the one shot victory over Xander Schauffele, Brooks Koepka, and Dustin Johnson.  There is no doubt that this is one of the greatest comebacks in sports.  Being on top of the world to being irrelevant for nearly a decade.

Don’t get it twisted, Tiger is by no mean a saint.  He’s made many a mistake in his life.  From cheating on his wife to getting a DUI to having a doctor associated with PED’s.  Now I’m not saying that Tiger is a cheater on the course but, it is odd that the PGA started testing for PED’s right after the 2008 US Open.  You know the one where Tiger tore his ACL and still won in the fifth round?  Oddly after that, Tiger didn’t win, he didn’t even compete and his body damn near broke down.  What a coincidence.

He had a really bad rough patch that he brought on himself, but has he paid his debt to society?  Some say yes, some say no.  But to be on top of the world and then be ridiculed for nearly a decade and be an afterthought — yeah that’s a pretty hefty price to pay.  But again, he brought it on himself.  Of course he’s no angel, and no one is perfect but when you have it all and you decide to throw it away, some may not any sympathy.  But even after all of this, Tiger is still amazing for the game.  If he’s in contention on a Sunday, the ratings jump through the roof as does attendance.  There is no doubt that Tiger is great for the game.  Whether you love him or hate him, you still watch him.

Congrats Tiger, Now Do It Again

It was amazing to see what unfolded at Augusta this year.  Tiger just shutting up people like me left and right with his Masters win.  I’ll admit it when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about Tiger never winning a major again.  BUT — I’d like to see Tiger do it again just to prove that this wasn’t a fluke win.  Down the stretch Molinari and Koepka both put balls in the water at 12 and Koepka missed a birdie putt on 18 which would’ve tied Tiger.  I’m not saying that Tiger would’ve lost in a playoff but I need to see vintage, kick your ass all tournament, Tiger.  If Tiger only wins this and doesn’t show up for other tournaments, I just cannot say that he’s back.


– Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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