College Football Rankings Preview 2017: Who Will We See In The Playoffs?

It is that time of year again. The time of year where Saturdays are for college football. For some, college football is not as exciting as the pros but let me tell you this. Its addicting. Being a passionate fan myself, college football gives a different kind of thrill than the NFL does. These players are kids. Its not like the pros where you can expect Brady and Bill to be in the AFC championship every year. College football is different. For most teams, if you lose one game you can kiss the national championship goodbye. With that being said here are my predictions for the who will make the college football playoff this year.


  1. Alabama

Ok who else did you really expect to be at #1? Nick Saban will have his squad ready to go as usual. They have the freshman sensation Jalen Hurts returning this year along with the beast of a running back Bo Scarbrough. Their defense will be a force as well and I hate to say but its hard to see anyone taking down Bama this year.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State

  1. Florida State

This Florida State team is going to be fun to watch. They were a young team last season and played a thriller bowl game last year against Michigan. They have 7 returning starters on offense and 9 returning on defense. After finishing 10-3 last year, the Seminoles fans have high hopes this year. I would expect them to have a rematch against Alabama in the National Championship game this year.

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  1. Ohio State

Now this team has very high expectations this year. This past season was supposed to be a growing season for them and let me tell you this. It wasn’t. They made it to another playoff game and finished the season 11-2. They have 9 returning starters on offense and 8 on defense. The key for them every year seems to be how their Quarterback plays. If JT Barrett improves his play this year then Ohio State will be right there until the very end.


  1. Oklahoma

This pick might surprise some but I have my reasons for them being at #4. The reason is Baker Mayfield. This guy is a stud. Going into his senior year this year, he is going to want to finish out on top. Mayfield is also my pick to win the Heisman this year. Now looking at the team as a whole, they are a young team. One key aspect for them is that they have their entire offense line returning this year. They have an early test this year against Ohio State. Keep your eye on the winner of that game because they will be a shoe in to make the playoffs this year.

Nick’s Texas A&M Preview

There was no way in hell that I wasn’t going to talk about A&M. This is my team. Every year I watch almost every game and let me say this, they crush me every year. The past 3 seasons have gone like this. They started 5-0, 5-0, 6-0 and finished 8-5. Do you understand what I go through every year? I might as well just jump on the Bama bandwagon because being an A&M fan is just absolutely painful. This year might not be much different. Coach Sumlin is on the hot seat and if A&M finishes 8-5 or worse he is most likely to get fired. Right now they have a position battle at QB so it will be interesting to see who gets the nod there. I’ll be with you guys the rest of the season so I’ll keep you posted if I survive another season of Aggie football.

Bonus Pick

Heisman Winner Prediction

Baker Mayfield

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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