College Football Playoff Rankings Reaction

Say goodbye to the AP poll for the rest of the season. The selection committee released its first installment of the college football playoff rankings this week and these are the ones that matter.

For the most part, I think the committee got it right.

I have no gripes with the top four and obviously I was ecstatic to see Penn State in there for the first time since the playoff was created.

Clemson fans will obviously be upset given they’re the defending National Champions, however, this rankings is based on this season. And although Clemson could very well win it all again this season, the committee values Penn State’s quality wins over Michigan and Iowa.

That being said, if Clemson runs the table – which they will because the ACC is a joke – they will be in no problem.

LSU and Alabama play each other this weekend. Penn State and Ohio State will meet in three weeks time. Two of those teams will lose and it will open up spots in the top four depending on the severity of the results.

Among those teams on the outside looking not named Clemson, I love the Oregon Ducks. Personally, I think they should be ranked over Georgia but that simply doesn’t happen with SEC bias. However, if the Ducks win out they have a great case for being in the playoff.

Some other thoughts:

  1. Utah isn’t the eighth best team in the country, I don’t care what anybody says. Oklahoma would beat them by two touchdowns on a neutral field.
  2. Speaking of Oklahoma, its path to the playoff is looking grim. The Big 12 looks like it’s going to be the conference left out this season barring utter chaos at the top.
  3. It’s great seeing Notre Dame sitting all the way down at No. 15. No other team gets the benefit of the doubt like the Irish and there’s no chance they make the playoff this season. Just beautiful.
  4. How about Minnesota at No. 17. Laugh out loud funny for an undefeated team. Maybe schedule someone better than your average high school team. They have a real test in Penn State this weekend.
  5. LSU vs Alabama this weekend is going to be ridiculous.
  6. Penn State should be No. 1. Just kidding, kind of.

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