College Football Playoff Committee Continues To Be A Joke

Yesterday, the College Football Playoff Committee released their top 25.  Yesterday, the College Football Playoff Committee continued to prove that they haven’t watched a single game this year.

So there are your top 25.  For starters, I am fine with the top 4 except I would switch Ohio State and Clemson.  Clemson hasn’t looked as good and Ohio State is really good.  But the real picks in question are Georgia at 9 and BYU at 14.

If you have watched a game all year, BYU and QB Zach Wilson have looked great!  I don’t care who they play or what conference they are in.  A good team is a good team, and that’s what BYU is.  Literally any other poll out there has BYU as a top 10 team!  Not to mention, the stats are on their side too.  According to sports-reference, they have the 4th best offense in the country and the 5th best defense and not to mention they manhandled Boise State who was ranked at the time.  So how can you just leave out a top 5 overall team in the country out of the top 10?  It doesn’t make sense, but I have said it before and I’ll say it again – the Committee has story lines that they follow each year.  Last year it was Oregon and Utah and pushing to get the Pac12 into the playoffs.  This year it’s clear to keep the SEC and Clemson afloat for as long as possible.

Which brings me to my next point, Georgia.  Get them the fuck out of the top 10 before I lose my mind.  How can you look at any Saturday football goer in the eyes and say Georgia is the 9th best team in the country?  This is a team who literally hasn’t won a decent game.  They lost to Florida and Alabama, and their best win was from an Auburn team who has struggled all year.  Granted they were ranked at the time, but how do you (the Committee) give a team who was ranked 13th who went 2-2 and the two they won they almost lost?  But then you reward them for that and give them 9th?  How!  It doesn’t make sense!

Outside of these two big fuck ups, I don’t hate the rest of the rankings and I’m looking forward to more updates from this joke of a committee.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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