College Football Needs a Major Overhaul

I’m going to start this article by stating that I love watching college football. College football can be just as exciting as the NFL. However, those exciting games seem to be few and far between these days. And it’s all because of the structure of college football.

I’m following college football closer than ever this year because I’m currently attending Clemson. And it’s made me realize how boring college football schedules are. When I looked at Clemson’s schedule, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. And it’s not just easy, it’s boring. There were very few games on the schedule that I wanted to actually attend (I ended up going to the Syracuse game which was cool). And if then there’s Alabama’s schedule, which makes Clemson’s schedule look easy. Clemson will have potentially played two ranked team by season’s end and Alabama three. However, Alabama’s unranked schedule seems easier than Clemson’s. This isn’t supposed to be an argument about who has the easier scheduler. Plus, I’m sure these easy schedules are evident in most top power five teams.

What I would like to see is more top 25 teams play each other. I know that this is tough because schedules are made well in advance of when some of these teams would be in the top 25. However, you can certainly make some guesses about who will be in the top 25. Other than Texas A&M, it’s pretty easy to see that none of Alabama’s opponents so far this year would be in the top 25. They aren’t even teams that would ever even sniff the top 25. Imagine how much more exciting college football would be if Alabama had to play Clemson or Georgia or Ohio State during the season. Some people would argue that this would mess up the college football playoff. In my opinion, having top teams play each other would actually help the college football playoff. Every year, teams are snuffed because we just don’t know how good they truly are because of their schedule (Looking at you UCF). Last year, many people argued that Alabama shouldn’t have been the four seed. Well imagine if they had played Clemson or Oklahoma or Georgia during the season. That would’ve made the argument much easier.

I understand the difficulties of the logistics of reworking the whole system. But it needs to be done. Many people prefer college football to the NFL for many reasons. Reworking the system would bring in even more fans. Imagine multiple marquee match ups every week. Imagine if the college football championship was a rematch of some early season regular season matchup. There would be more drama, new rivalries, and a lot more viewership. Unfortunately, this is something we may never see.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)


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