College Football is Going to get it Wrong this Year

Championship Saturday is this week and let me tell you there is a lot riding on these games.  But, I think the NCAA is going to get it wrong this year and stop me if you haven’t heard that phrase before…  The top WILL change by the time the official playoff rankings go out, and honestly it’s sad how blind the committee is.

Utah should not be in the playoff, however I will bet a lot of money they will be.  If you’ve read my past blogs, I said that the media has had a hard on for the PAC-12 all year, and the NCAA is desperate to get the west engaged into football again.  Aside from Utah probably going to get in, I also feel bad for the loser of LSU-Georgia.  First off, both teams deserve a spot, but that will not happen.

If Georgia loses, they are out.  Very simple.  But, it should be Oklahoma and Jalen Hurts who takes that four spot, not Utah.  But what happens if Georgia wins?  Does that mean LSU is out?  I don’t care, LSU has been a top 4 team all year, and Utah and the NCAA can come kiss my balls.  My balls that were freshly trimmed by the great razors at Manscaped.  Use promo code COUCHGUY and receive 20% off and free shipping!

Utah should not be in the playoff if LSU loses.  Utah, for a matter of fact, should never be the playoff, ever.  I think OSU and Clemson will win so their spots are a lock.  But it is legit a toss up for 1-2 spots and I think this is the first time this could happen.  I mean shit will get real crazy if Wisconsin can beat OSU and Clemson looks super shaky in their game.  But imagine being Oklahoma, and you’re not going to make the playoffs because of Utah.  A Utah team who played 1 (one) ranked team the entire year.  But then ESPN and the NCAA is just going to over look Oklahoma doing their best Patriots impression and ripping poor Baylor’s heart out of their chest.

All Oklahoma has to do is win this Saturday against Baylor, and in my opinion they are in.

Here’s some scenario how teams can get in:

Utah: Gets in with win and Georgia loss

Oklahoma: Gets in with win and Georgia/Clemson loss

Baylor: Gets in with win, Utah loss, and Georgia loss

John’s predictions

    1. OSU
    2. LSU
    3. Clemson
    4. Oklahoma

But I wouldn’t be mad with a 2-loss Georgia either.

John McCormack (Uncle(Mac4)

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