CM Punk vs Mike Jackson Bumps Overeem vs Blaydes Off The Main Card at UFC 225

There’s no doubt in any MMA fans mind that UFC 225 is one of the most highly anticipated fight cards of 2018. It’s easy to see why when you have main card matchups like Whittaker vs Romero 2, Dos Anjos vs Covington, and Holm vs Anderson. This card also will feature the return of Phil Brooks, who for some reason still goes by his pro wrestling name CM Punk. CM Punk’s opponent will be Mike Jackson. Both men are 0-1-0 in MMA, both losing to Mickey Gall in the first round via submission. Neither of their fights were competitive, and both fights closely resembled the scene in The Revenant where Leonardo Dicaprio is mauled by the bear. CM Punk will be fighting on the main card, but this has caused legitimate MMA fans to roll their eyes. The fight that got bumped off the main card is the fight between Allistar Overeem and Curtis Blaydes.

Allistar Overeem is an absolute legend in the sport of MMA, and is arguably one of the greatest heavyweights off all time. Overeem’s record is 43-16 and he has stood across from some of the greatest heavyweights in MMA. His opponent is up and coming heavyweight Curtis Blaydes who’s very close to being in title contention. Blaydes is coming off a win against another MMA legend Mark Hunt back at UFC 221. This will be Blaydes toughest opponent so far, but if he beats Overeem he’ll be on the verge of his first UFC title shot.

The reason this gets so many MMA fans roll their eyes is because a lot of actual MMA fans don’t care about CM Punk. We saw him fight once it wasn’t even close. We have nothing but respect for anyone who steps in the octagon, but it’s pretty foolish to put two fighters who are 0-1 on the main card. In a way it almost makes a mockery out of the sport. I understand why they’re doing it, because CM Punk has a big following and it’s going to result in more pay-per-view buys for UFC 225. In my opinion the UFC should be investing in young talented fighters like Curtis Blaydes, by giving him a spot on the main card.

Stephen Caloggero (@steveo_calo)

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