Clayton Kershaw Is Unhappy

The Rule

Clayton Kershaw is unhappy..but not for the reason you think. He is unhappy with the new extra innings rule major league baseball implemented this year. If you live under a rock and don know what this rule is, it’s simple. In extra innings, each inning starts with a runner on second base.

His Comments

Kershaw went on record saying that he does not like the rule and thinks it “isn’t real baseball”. Well lefty, to friggen bad! I love baseball as much as the next guy, but these games are waayyy to long. I am on board with whatever MLB attempts to do to make these games go by quicker. Again, I am a diehard baseball fan through and through. But things need to be changed if we want our kids to grow up watching and loving baseball as much as us.


In all seriousness, though, I understand why the big lefty is upset with it and feels the way that he does about it. This rule will bite him in the butt come playoff time.  I can already see it now, Kershaw will be called out of the bullpen in game 5 of the World Series to try and close out and win it for the Dodgers. Three pitches in, a grounder up the middle, will lose the game for the Dodgers in extras because of this rule. You know what, though, I can not wait for this to happen! It blows my mind how dominant Clayton is during the regular season, but once October rolls around…he turns into an absolute puddle on the mound. It is so fascinating to me that he can’t figure it out come October. Poor guy!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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