Chrisitan Yelich Is Casually On Pace for 162-Dingers This Year

How hot is Christian Yelich right now?

Ya…..… that seems about right.

Reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich is absolutely raking so far this season. In the Brewers’ first four games of the season, the lefty has blasted four homeruns, one in each game, and has batted .500.

Sheesh, ya I’d say that’s how you come out of the gates swinging. Yelich, who’s driven in eight runs on the season, is following up a MVP year, in which he nearly won the triple crown. Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he probably won’t hit 162 home runs this year, but he very well could help lead the Brewers deep into October again.

Combine the fact that Yelich has been a monster at the plate with the fact that Hader has been unhittable out of the bullpen, then I’d reckon that saying the Brewers will go deep into October is much safer than saying someone will double up the single season homerun record. But hey, it’s only April.

-Dillon Leary


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