Chris Young Admits He Started The Apple Watch Cheating Scandal

We know that the Red Sox are going to be punished for their 2018 sign stealing accusations. It’s not going to be good. But, why aren’t the Yankees being investigated as well? For what you may ask? Well, here’s the deal. Remember Chris Young with the Red Sox? He was the outfielder who hit left-handed pitching extremely well. How’s this for something? The former Red Sox outfielder came out and admitted he started the apple watch debacle with the Red Sox. Where did he get it from you may ask? THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!!

I’m with Carrabis on this one. What are we doing here MLB? Chris Young is coming out and saying “Yeah, it was me who started it.” You have a guy admitting that the Yankees are cheating! Is that too biased of me? Well then, allow me to bring some other factors into perspective.

The Potential First Step?

Shouldn’t this be the first step to investigating the Yankees? Does the MLB want the game to be played cleanly throughout the league? Well, you need to investigate the Yankees then. Chris Young has said he got the idea from the Yankees. Keep in mind, this isn’t a top 50 player we’re talking about here. This might carry more weight than you think. So thank you Chris Young for coming out with this, because this could finally get the Yankees looked at by the MLB.

In Conclusion

This story isn’t getting enough attention. It’s a bigger deal than people are making it out to be. Usually, people are saying the opposite. I’m not saying to penalize the Yankees as a biased Red Sox fan. As a logical person, if you’re going to punish the Red Sox and Astros for what they did, the Yankees need to be penalized too and that’s a fact. Chris Young might be the hero that the Red Sox have been looking for this off-season.

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