Chris Sale Update

Yesterday we received an update on the status and health of Red Sox Ace Chris Sale.  During a Red Sox Town Hall event with season ticket holders yesterday, team president/CEO Sam Kennedy, chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom, and manager Alex Cora discussed many issues, including an update on Sale.

The Good News

Chris Sale’s elbow continues to get stronger and seems to be healing nicely as he continues to rehab it. This elbow has been an ongoing issue with Sale,, and he finally got Tommy John. Tommy John is usually a surgery that goes one of two ways; you come back throwing harder than you ever have before. Or, your career is basically over cause you can’t throw anymore. With that said, it seems more and more players are on the side of throwing harder, which is a huge plus, but until Sale is on the mound blowing people away with that nasty slider, I’m not getting my hopes up.

The Bad News

There is always bad news. This time, apparently, he suffered a setback with his neck. I don’t know if you are all in the same boat as me but, when the hell did he hurt his neck? I mean, I’m no expert, but the neck seems like an area on the body that’s pretty damn important. There was no update on how he did it or what kind of “set back” we are talking but none the less if they mention it. We have all slept on our necks wrong, and it hurts for the next day. If that was the case, I don’t think Bloom would bring it up. To me, something borderline serious happened.


Before this neck set back, Sale was expected to be back around June or July. I hope and expect that timetable is still a thing because he would be a huge uplift to this rotation. On the flip side of it, keep an eye on how this “neck” injury plays out. I think it is more serious than they are letting on. I hope Sale is back and healthy because we need him. IF he is indeed back in July, and the sox are within striking distance of the division, look out. I am going on record saying i think this team is about to be a lot better than people expect. I 100% do not expect a repeat of 2020 and think the 2021 Red Sox will be battling for a playoff spot.

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