Chris Sale Fails To Break MLB Record… It’s Fine Because He Was Trying To Break His Own Record

This is one of those moments where you are so out of this world phenomenal at what you do, that you are legitimately competing against yourself at this point.

It has been a dream come true for fans of the Boston Red Sox. For years now we have heard speculation at almost every single trade deadline that the Red Sox are in talks with the White Sox for a possible Chris Sale mega trade. Every single year.

And then it happened. We entered with low expectations for day one of the MLB winter meetings where stuffed shirts shake hands and compare penis size. There was very little talk of what was going to happen that day for the Sox. Maybe they walk out of the meeting with news breaking that they acquired some middle of the road relief pitcher to add some depth to their bullpen that Dombrowski probably traded the entire Portland Sea Dogs team for… or maybe they walk away without making a move. Those were just about the two things that I expected.

All morning long allllll you read was that the Washington Nationals were going to nab Sale and strengthen their rotation to potentially be the best in the majors. But then, “Big Swinging Johnson” Dombrowski swooped in, traded two of baseballs most renowned prospects and left the building dusting off his royal blue suit jacket like he just completed a full highway robbery. Unbelievable.

And believe you me, I haven’t been this aroused watching baseball since Papi’s grand slam to tie game two of the ALCS back in 2013.

Watching Sale pitch has become a must see every single night he has the ball in his hand. The guy is unbelievable. His delivery motion is insane and you can see the psycho in his pupils… And I LOVE it. The guy is the definition of a bad ass who is strictly out there to win games and who doesn’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks. Maybe Price could take some notes? Bitch. Oh sorry… I hope he doesn’t read this he may tweet me! Price made his second rehab start in AAA Pawtucket and got SMOKED tonight for 6 runs , 3 earned over 3.2 innings pitched and 89 pitches. Four of those runs came in the FIRST INNING. Yeah, he’s right on track to pick up right where his overpaid ass left off.

But back to the main meat of this piece. Chris Sale was competing against himself tonight like you used to in Mario Kart when you had no siblings or friends.

Tonight, Sale was going for his 9th consecutive game of 10 strike outs or more. He currently holds that record along with hall of famer and Red Sox legend, Pedro Martinez.

Sale came up just short tonight only striking out six over 7.1 innings pitched in the Red Sox 9-4 win over the Texas Rangers.

Red Sox Rangers

Honestly, I am one to speculate whether or not him knowing the record was his alone with a win tonight threw him off a little bit. All of his stuff looked tremendous per usual… butttt he did leave a few breaking balls over the plate which for him is a tab abnormal. He still had an outstanding game so there’s no sense in bringing tonight’s performance down, but being that close to surpassing your previous MLB record and technically, surpassing maybe the greatest pitcher baseball has ever seen much be a kick in the bean bag.

He looked pissed. Sale always looks pissed and the fact that he wasn’t able to accumulate his 9th consecutive 10 strike out game must burn him up inside.

Seriously though… does it matter? The guy is still on track to be in the running for the Cy Young for the sixth year in a row and the mere fact that he was able to reach eight games with this achievement twice is asinine in and of itself.

Just short my man. But in all honesty Sale will probably be in this position again. He is a strike out machine as he currently leads the league with 101 Ks over his 10 starts. The next closest pitcher is Zack Greinke in Arizona with 22 fewer strikeouts (79 if you don’t “math” well).

Does having Sale be on the Red Sox prove that God exists? Now I’m no religious man… But yes it does. Praise the Lord, baby.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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