Check Out What The King Of Dumb-Dumbs Has To Say About The Coronavirus

“Maybe those working in a hospital take a second to realize this isnt about you! Theres 30 million americans who dont have a job right now and are being forced not to work! Unemployment is breaking down! Millions trying to file and cant because of the large number of filers! Millions who have filed being told you need to wait until august for unemployment! People who arent working now cant wait until august! Do you have a job right now? If so then you dont have the right to criticize those protesting so they can have theirs! #reopenthecountry”

YIKES! Imagine being this level of stupid? To call healthcare workers selfish when every single day they go into work they are risking their lives is one of the most outlandish and dumb things I’ve ever seen. Every single person they come in contact with potentially has a virus that is so serious that they have shut down entire countries. All of us had the misfortune of becoming dumber by having to read this idiots opinion which was riddled with typos. The phrase keyboard warrior has never applied more than it does to the person who has the misguided confidence to call doctors and nurses selfish while he literally does nothing to help in anyway.

I understand that times are tough right now. There genuinely are people who are struggling to support their families right now because they lost their jobs. But don’t you think it would be harder to support your family when instead of staying six feet away from people you were six feet underground? It takes ten seconds of logical thinking to understand that they should not reopen the country yet. Unfortunately it also takes ten seconds for a moron to post on social media.

There are a lot of people in my family that are nurses or deemed as essential workers. I worry about them all everyday. But I am also incredibly proud to say that they are my family. They risk everything to save the lives of people who for some crazy reason refuse to take this seriously. All of them are heroes and they are selfless. They have husbands, wives, and children that they leave everyday to help fight a deadly virus.

It is sad that people like this belittle what they do. If you feel comfortable saying this about healthcare workers in a time like this than you better damn well feel comfortable not going to a hospital when you get coronavirus. I strongly believe people are entitled to their opinions. I’m sure I hold opinions people disagree with.  But if this is your opinion than you should have that liberty revoked.  Thank you to everyone who was deemed essential during this time.  We are forever in your debt.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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