Cheater, Cheater!

Little history about me, I was born in 1980, so according to some people I’m a bit old. Thats fair.  And within my years I’ve seen  and heard a lot of pain and bad times. And that’s what being a Red Sox fan is all about. If you’ve been through the tough parts, and 85 years without a championship, yeah those will bring pain and bad times.  But now there’s more tough roads ahead…..

The Good Times

Cora making a great throw from short in his playing days with the Sox

In 2018 the Red Sox chose their new manager in Alex Cora. Cora was no stranger to the Red Sox playing at the shortstop position from 2005-2008 and was a big part of the World Series team 2007. With 14 seasons under his belt, Cora played for the Dodgers, Indians, Indians, Mets, Rangers, and Nationals. He wasn’t well known for his bat, however he was well known for his defense and poise. I myself was a fan of Cora while in Boston, and enjoyed watching him play within his own way. So for me, having him as our 2018 Manager was a great feeling, and it was a joy to see what he would bring to the team. And of course, his first year brought them the 2018 World Series.

Karma Comes Back Around

Cora sitting in the Red Sox dugout. Could lightning strike twice?

The Red Sox won it all in 2018. Yet for all the joy and happiness that was going on, things were coming right down. November 13th, 2019, it was reported that Cora while the bench coach for the Astros for the 2016-17 season, and Carlos Beltran who was playing for the Astros were in trouble with the league. Both played key roles in the sign stealing scandal that was now surfacing around the league plaguing the 2017 championship season. MLB’s investigation found the Astros were stealing signs and causing noise with barrels to show what pitches were being thrown.

On January 13th, 2020 MLB had suspended Astros manager AJ Hinch, and GM Jeff Luhnow for 1 year due to the scandal.  Alex Cora had not been penalized yet due to another scandal breaking out. The Athletic broke the story on January 7th, 2020 stating in the 2018 season, The Boston Red Sox broke MLB rules by using a video replay room to break down a catchers signs from opposing teams during the regular season.  Forward to April 22nd, 2020. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred passed his sentence, suspending Cora for 1 year for only the sign stealing from Houston. Manfred and the MLB found no tampering from Cora for the stealing in 2018. so his penalty would only be from 2017.

So….Why the Replay?

Cora can talk a good game and look good for camera’s. Yet can he run from his now past?

Easy. I, like many others are always willing for a second chance. In this case, the second chance is way too soon. Go ask the fan base of the LA Dodgers. Yes they got their championship in 2020 sure. But what about 2017? Could they have played the Astros? Would the outcome be different? Who would be champs in 2017? And what of the sign stealing in 2018? Did someone cover up and take the fall for Cora? Did Cora know about it, yet was keeping hush?

See, it seems fishy with the incidents in 2018 to follow and come around in 2020 right as the MLB was about to state the punishments for the 2017 scandal. Not only that, but the main antagonist in the Astros scandal was coaching the Red Sox in 2018. Not even 1 year from the previous scandal! Of course the findings wouldn’t come out until November 2019 for the Astros scandal for sign stealing. And this is the man you want to lead the team?! This guy?! Come on now Red Sox! You can do better!

My Thoughts

This man had a plan. Now he’s back managing. What’s his true plan this time?

And I’m not the only one! There are many Red Sox fans that feel as I do, that Cora was brought back too soon. Cora and the Red Sox should have parted ways like they did mutually in January of 2020.  He made his comment he didn’t want to be a distraction to the team. Well what do you think this is? It’s sure not a Carnival Cruise line!  I myself made a comment that the Red Sox were being fishy about Cora and the team parting ways, and it was a cover up to bring him back. I saw it. A lot of us Sox fans saw it.

And why not just announce it? Why the Cloak and dagger games? It’s not needed! Here’s the easy way: Cora serves suspension, Ron Roenicke will be interim manager, and Cora will take back over after reflection of his wrongdoings. See, EASY! Yet did this happen? NO! We got lied to by ownership! LIED TO! And that soft dish of story fed to the media and fans by Cora about knowing what he did, and reflecting on it? COME ON NOW!

I myself find this to be just a load of CRAP! I know it. Management knows it! Cora knows it!  This is why I’m refusing to watch any Red Sox game for as long as Cora is coach. NOPE! Not doing it! I went on strike during this season due to players acting like pre-madonna’s about their money and standing within the league getting started. I’ll stand by this strike as well. Again, I’m all for second chances. But I’m not one for being played a fool.

I mean, while you are allowing this, might as well put Pete Rose in the HOF!

Toph (Angry_turnip)

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