Chargers Lose Again in Creative Fashion

Last night, the Los Angeles Chargers fell to the New Orleans Saints in overtime 30-27 after leading the entire first half and had the lead with one minute remaining in the game. The Los Angeles Chargers should not be 1-4 with rookie sensation Justin Herbert at quarterback. However, these are the Chargers we are talking about here, the team that always loses in creative fashion. For the second week straight, they have blown a double digit point lead in the second half, looking like what the Atlanta Falcons did, just a little less worse. For years now, this Chargers team has been plagued with not being able to win. What could be the cause? Who is to blame for all this?

The first person to blame for this is sadly Anthony Lynn, the head coach. Since becoming the coach of the Chargers in 2017, he is a 28-28 record; 27-27 in the regular season and 1-1 in the postseason. This record isn’t good or bad. However, he is on the hot seat when he shouldn’t be. The Chargers failure is not his fault. The Chargers were previously coached by Mike McCoy who was a colossal failure going 28-38 in four years with the team, where even then the team was losing in creative fashion. Even though the team was losing, he still was not a head coach due to the lack of wins, compared to losses at the end of his tenure with the team.

Speaking of the team, that’s who is to blame for this. This has nothing to do with coaching and Anthony Lynn should not be held responsible for how the team keeps finding ways to lose games. The team would either suffer from bad quarterback play from then quarterback Phillip Rivers or the defense would just collapse and it seems like once again this is what the team is suffering from. Justin Herbert had another electric performance so this isn’t on him. This falls on the defense which is lead by Joey Bosa. Even though there are quite a few injuries to this defense, they still were able to hold off Drew Brees until the second half where the defense gave up a ten point lead. Just like how last week, they gave up a 17 point lead to Tampa Bay.

There’s your answer folks. It’s not Lynn, it’s the team. Specifically it’s the defense. Yes, there’s injuries but to give up double digit leads in back to back weeks in the second half, it’s unacceptable. The next time the Chargers take the field, expect to see another creative loss or another blown lead by this defense.

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan) 



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