Championship Matches Set for Wrestlemania

The two Royal Rumble winners have chosen their selective paths. Seth Rollins is challenging the “beast” Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Becky Lynch has chosen Ronda Rousey, as the rivalry comes to a boiling point. Selfishly I was hoping for a different matchup for the men, but overall these are great pairings. These are the only two matches we know for Wrestlemania so far, and so far, everything looks great.

So for Becky Lynch, a marquee Wrestlemania match seemed inevitable. I mean come on, she’s the man! She’s the best woman with a microphone in her hand, and top 5 in the ring. Not only has she been killing it with those, but the crowd is so into her. Every breath she takes has the entire audience on the edge of their seats.

I’ve been a Becky fan for quite some years now and seeing her get all this praise makes me extremely happy. On the other end though we have Ronda Rousey. This week on Raw, she was in a spot where she had to cut a promo. The crowd ate her alive. I mean she sank faster an inflatable raft filled with rocks. By the time Becky Lynch came out, the crowd wanted nothing to do with Ronda. To be honest she cut her best promo of her career but you couldn’t hear very much of it over the boo’s.

This match I still fully expect to main event Wrestlemania. Many people think Charlotte will be added, but i don’t think that is necessary.

Women's Championship Match

Now Seth Freakin’ Rollins didn’t need much time to make his decision either. Hell, he didn’t even make his on a show. As Raw went off the air on Monday, Brock Lesnar had beaten Rollins down.

Seth still hadn’t made his decision at the time, and selfishly I still wanted him to choose Daniel Bryan. I think it would be a much better match but I also can’t wait for Seth to take the title from Lesnar. The WWE broke the news of Seth’s choice on their Twitter.

Is @WWERollins poised to become the #Beastslayer at @WrestleMania when he challenges @BrockLesnar for the #UniversalChampionship? #WrestleMania https://t.co/mH9gqAzM0e— WWE (@WWE) January 30, 2019

via: WWE’s twitter

I think this ultimately will tell a much better story. Seth will be beating Brock not only for the title, but he’ll be doing it for his brother. Brock was a long time rival of Roman Reigns. He also unfairly got the title back when Roman left due to leukemia. This could be a very emotional match for Seth, creating a great Wrestlemania moment.

Universal Championship Match

-Joe Pegoraro (@jpeg1017)

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