Champions League – Round of 16 ends this week!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

As some sports fans continue to follow the free agency market happening in the NFL, some of us are also following the Champions League tournament and how quickly its ending approaches.

In this weeks schedule, we have four exciting matches happening that could determine what we will likely be getting ourselves into come Champions League final. So, allow me to share with you some predictions and what each team will likely need in order to achieve success and move onto the next round.

Action Happening Today!

Real Madrid vs. Atalanta

Atalanta vs Real Madrid: how and where to watch - times, TV, online - AS.com

The current aggregate score is at 1-0 in favor of Real Madrid.

If this was maybe 2010, one would say Atalanta has zero chances of moving on. However, this Real Madrid team has left lots to be desired from their side and many would argue that if it wasn’t for that red card handed to Freuler, Madrid wouldn’t had won that first leg.

The Spanish side will be forced to show their strengths and create chances especially in the middle of the field if they want to get thru Atalanta. Meanwhile for the Italian side, as long as Muriel and Zapata can work their creativity and maneuver thru Varane, Atalanta could move on and especially with home field advantage for this game.

My prediction is a 2-0 win for Atalanta.

Manchester City vs. Monchengladbach

Manchester City vs. Mönchengladbach EN VIVO: horarios y canales para ver el  duelo por octavos de la Champions League | Partidos de hoy | Fútbol en vivo  | DEPORTE-TOTAL | EL COMERCIO PERÚ

Monchengladbach was such a great Cinderella story in this years’ tournament but unfortunately, the ride will likely come to an end today unless a completely extraordinary miracle happens. As I mentioned earlier, Manchester City is going through one of their absolute best seasons in a little while. Pep Guardiola has an arsenal of tools at his disposal and I personally don’t see him taking his foot off the gas.

Personally, seeing that Monchengladbach’s coach is moving onto Borussia Dortmund come next season, I truly believe he is simply checked out. If you are a Gladbach fan, I’m sorry but the chapter is over. My prediction for this match is a 3-0 victory for City.

Tomorrow’s Action!

Bayern Munich vs. Lazio

Bayern Munich vs Lazio: Match Preview, Team News, Prediction | The Laziali

Bayern Munich hosts Lazio at home for the first time in European competition. Unfortunately for Lazio, Bayern Munich has not conceded a loss at home since 2009 in European competition, that loss was to Bordeaux and ever since, Bayern’s record is 20-0-1.

Speaking of bad luck, Lazio comes into this match down 4-1 per the aggregate. As I have alluded to in the past, Bayern Munich are easily the world’s best team and I could truly see a Goliath vs. David match between Bayern and City this year somewhere down the road or maybe even the final.

Good luck Lazio, I just can’t picture a colossal disaster at home happening for Bayern in this match and therefore see a 2-1 victory for Bayern.

Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea FC

Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea | Round of 16 | UEFA Champions League 2020/21  Gameplay - YouTube

The last time these two met, a lot of controversy took place as the goal putting Chelsea on the lead could be argued to be offsides. Take a look for yourselves:

However, for the majority of the game last time around, the two sides were very even! In this weeks’ final opportunity, Chelsea will need to do everything in their power to protect that lead. If I was Thomas Tuchel in this situation, there is no way I wouldn’t start Mendy as my GK.

Atletico has a tall task at hand coming into Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea. However, Luis Suarez continues to be a deadly threat and should his game and Joao Felix’ game come to show tomorrow? Boy! That would spell disaster bound to happen to a Chelsea defense that may not have enough to handle them both.

If anything, this is a game that could both ways and therefore my overall score prediction is 3-1.

Finishing Remarks

Champions League action is a nice way to start the week in soccer! Whatever you do, DO NOT miss out on the Europa League action also happening this week and FA Cup this weekend. With great teams battling to the end, we are setup for one of the best weeks 2021 has had to offer in soccer.

Lastly, tune in to the Yellow Card Podcast episode 28! The crew gave their predictions and the episode is so loaded, you shouldn’t miss it if you are a soccer fan.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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