CGS: Trivia Showdown Results

“Welcome to the Jungle”

You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby and if you didn’t catch the inaugural Couch Guy Sports Trivia Showdown then you missed an epic battle of the sports minds between some of the best podcasts featured on the platform. The showdown included the main show, Couch Guy Sports featuring the President Nick Quaglia and Vice President Jared Scali. As someone who is new to the CGS network, I had my money on the boss, maybe I am just kissing some ass right now but I mean c’mon, I’m the new guy here it’s kind of expected.

If you had you’re money on the main show, then you got fleeced. They were the definition of a “bad beat.” They failed on many of the questions but put in a respectable showing towards the end. Spoiler alert they didn’t win and while most gut-wrenching losses take an emotional toll, something tells me they’ll be just fine.

Pre-Game Meal?

The self-proclaimed “Cockiest New England Podcast of All-Time” would not disappoint in the showdown. The White Claws were flowing in the SSBT War Room prior to the showdown. Hey, you know the old saying, “there ain’t no laws when drinking the claws, baby.”

The fella’s from SSBT did not disappoint, they hung in with Legends Lingo Podcast and Verbally Committed the entire time.

Free Gilli?

One of the co-hosts of Verbally Committed podcast, Gilli was M.I.A at the start of the showdown leaving his teammate Connor Ryan to drop sports knowledge without him.

Hideki Nomo?!

The hosts of the Legends Lingo Podcast handled the baseball questions well. Until Fiesta mistakenly referred to Hideo Nomo as “Hideki Nomo”.

Verbally Committed Champions

Connor and Gilli would end up becoming the first ever champions of CGS Trivia Showdown. Connor was the wealth of knowledge and Gilli was finally taken off the witness protection program and joined his fellow podcaster in the quest for Showdown dominance.

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