Celtics Send Robert Williams III to the G-League


What is this?? What is this move? What do the Celtics have against Robert Williams AKA Timelord right now?

There are several pieces of this that upset me. For starters, Rob Williams? You can’t even give him the courtesy of a full name? “Celtics move ol’ Bobby Williams up to Maine”. Has nobody watched him play the game of basketball?

Sure, he didn’t grab a single rebound in 13 minutes during last night’s 123-103 win against the Cavs, but 3 blocked shots says he’s the best rim protector the Celtics have on their roster. If you want the guy to develop, maybe do what you’ve done with the rest of the rookies in the past few years. PLAY THEM IN ACTUAL MEANINGFUL NBA MINUTES.

Williams is averaging a block and a half this season in 9 MPG. That would make him 13th in the league in blocks per game playing NINE MINUTES PER GAME.

I don’t love to use the per 36 minutes stat, except for when it totally proves my point. Williams’ per 36 numbers are 11.3 pts, 10 reb, with 6 blocks per game. He is by far our best rim protector and certainly our most athletic big man.


I’ll keep any guy who can block a shot 12 feet in the air on our active roster. That might just be me. Terrible.

-Riley Banks (@Rileybanks10)

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