Celtics go 1-1 This Weekend

I’m going to start the “No Stat Recap.” Listen, we can all go into the stats and talk about how this player did and how this guy shot. That’s easy. I have never been into it. I wrote in my first blog, and others, that I am a big vibe guy. Everything isn’t as it seems like it is on paper. You need to see it in context. Also, the Celtics aren’t a team where they need one player to score. They can pick up the slack for one guy, maybe even two. If you wake up in the morning and see Tatum or anyone with 5 points and they win, you’re not surprised. If they lost, you’re not pointing at one guy like you may with LeBron James. So, the stats? Forget them. We don’t need them.

Milwaukee Bucks

Friday was opening night for the Celtics. They opened up against Giannis and the Bucks. We all knew, going into the game, it was going to be a battle. This is a game you can take out of context. Only lost by a few, team stats are pretty even, but then you go into individual stats. Jayson Tatum didn’t have a good game. Many people are saying it was the curls. Not me, many people. Everyone else did their thing, scored their points, but the vibe was off. If you’re apart of Celtics Twitter, then you know that the refs loved Giannis and hated Theis.

A Questionable Call?

Marcus Smart drew a late charge, but it got overturned. Smart went on to say after the game, “Quite frankly, I think we know all what that was all about. Giannis’ sixth foul and they didn’t want to get him out,” he continued, “Let’s just call that spade a spade, and that’s just what it is.” I don’t even think Theis fouls came into play in the loss, but some were just weird to see. Even in last night’s game, he got called for some wild fouls.

JT not having a good night doesn’t help, but it just felt like a game that was an uphill battle from the jump. Also, Chris Middleton is the best player in the world when he plays the Celtics. He was hitting Dream Shake fadeaways, Kobe turnarounds, I mean it was ridiculous. I always think there’s no way he can play like that every time he plays the Cs, and somehow he does.

Giannis also showed up to play. Did it on both sides of the court, as he does. In my unprofessional opinion, he is the best player in the NBA. I don’t think we will ever see an athlete like him ever again. They ended up losing, but they were in it till the very end. It’s not like the Bucks blew them out of the water. A lot to improve on and a lot to carry over to the next game. Let’s move on.

Portland Trail Blazers

Jayson Tatum Haircut Game. Every lock that was cut from his head was an ounce of his magic going back into his bag. He played a great game. Jaylen Brown, a great game. Gordan “Education Reform” Hayward, a great game. I know they let up a big lead, but that’s the beauty of No Stat Recap. We don’t “know” the numbers and we don’t want to know them. We got the win and that’s all we care for. The talk around town is how well JT and JB played. Jayson Tatum looked back to his old ways.

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown looked like all he did was shoot over quarantine. He hit some great shots. Turnarounds in the corner, he made a late contested shot that was smoother than butter and helped the Celtics to victory. One person I want to give credit too is Education Reform, Gordan Hayward. Hayward played so well. Not just for the shots he hit, his passes, or his skill of the game, if you will, but because he played his role so well. He was patient when driving, made the right passes, spaced out to the corner when he needed too, and then on top would drain the shot. That’s why I love this Celtics team. They are one big vibe. When they are rolling in motions as a team and players hit the shots they need to hit, it’s over. The best team in the league, no joke.

As I said, they did let up a big lead. Dame “Dolla” Lillard is a force. One of the best PGs in the league. With a center like Nurkić and Dame’s ability to pass, shoot and drive, the Trail Blazers have something special, and this is one of the better teams that they put together over the years. McCollum, Ariza, Melo, Whiteside, Nurkić. This can be a dangerous team and you saw that as they crept back and almost stole the game. The Celtics held their own, though. Seeing the young guns play the way they did and Hayward playing his role to the best of his ability gives me high hopes for this season.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t even speak once about Kemba’s minute restriction and how he doesn’t want it and is playing like he doesn’t need it. Big game not only to grab a win but to figure it out as a team. I am looking forward to seeing more of this. The Celtics continue the season tomorrow against The Heat. I’m nervous. Heat can sneak one by depending on what Celtics team shows up. Either way, glad to have some meaningful ball to see.

-Mike Yebba(@amikewithamic_)

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